Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Playing Catch Up - Project 365

I knew there would come a time when I would get behind on posting my Project 365 calendars, and that time has come thanks to summer craziness!  I've been keeping up with it on my phone, just not the blogging aspect of it.  So I'm going to play a little catch up...warning this will be long!  If anyone has any desire to look back, here's January, February, March, and April's posts.

So lets start with May!

1 - swinging
2 - at the doctor because she got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease at school
3 - home from school and playing with daddy
4 - home from school and playing with mommy
5 - a picnic lunch at daddy's school
6 - playing in the dirt in the back yard after church
7 - sharing an ice cream treat from Coldstone after dinner
8 - attending daddy's choir concert at his school
9 - happy girl ready for school
10 - cleaning her plate during dinner
11 - Sara Kate and their Mothers Day brunch at school
12 - sweet cousins sharing a cart ride at Sam's
13 - Happy Mothers Day! me and my sweet girl
14 - having a snack in the car after school
15 - walking around 'talking' on her play phone
16 - good morning sunshine!
17 - a hot evening means breaking out the sprinkler for the first time
18 - cheese before leaving for school
19 - cheese while riding around with mommy and daddy running errands
20 - Sara Kate and mommy cheesing before church
21 - enjoying her dessert and licking her bowl clean
22 - first attempt at pulling her hair back
23 - playing on her slide
24 - before bed cheese wearing her new Elmo pj's for the first time
25 - Sara Kate and daddy hanging on on the floor
26 - reading with Gee
27 - a fun day of shopping with mommy and Gee
28 - pink painted toes, which she was very proud of!
29 - walking around using her hand as a phone 'talking'
30 - enjoying a messy Dorito's after school snack with Snoopy
31 - tickle time with daddy

Time for June!

1 - 'playing' cards with Poppa
2 - photo time with daddy
3 - ready for church
4 - eating corn on the cob like a big girl
5 - cheese for school...this was her first day of part time school on our summer schedule
6 - first 'real' ponytail!!
7 - cheese before school, wearing her new Elmo outfit from Gee
8 - at hot evening equals sprinkler time
9 - at Remy's 2nd birthday party, and Remy stole a birthday kiss!
10 - eating popsicles with mommy
11 - bath time silliness
12 - ready for school
13 - eating dinner with mommy
14 - laying in mommy and daddy's bed playing with a toy
15 - pushing the cart at Joann's Fabrics
16 - a Saturday morning spent working puzzles
17 - Happy Fathers Day!  sweet daddy-daughter picture
18 - wearing her new shades to run errands with daddy
19 - 'Mommy, I have blue hair!' she painted her hair blue at school
20 - celebrating the summer solstice with 1/2 price milkshake's at Sonic
21 - big cheese before school
22 - helping mommy 'fold' laundry
23 - first haircut!  big girl!
24 - all ready to head to the pool...such a diva in this picture
25 - Happy 7th Anniversary to Chris and I!
26 - cousins having fun on the slip-n-slide at Meme and Poppa's house
27 - playing with her bath crayons for the first time
28 - hanging out in her pool
29 - 'Elmo needs a bite!' sharing her breakfast Poptart with Elmo
30 - riding the Barbie bike with Elmo at Meme and Poppa's

And finally, July!

1 - kicked back in the car watching a movie while on the way to Alabama
2 - fun play day at the park with 'Uncle Pill' in Alabama
3 - meeting Liam for the first time (in Savannah)
4 - Happy 4th from the Michaels family!
5 - Sara Kate and Liam having a little picture time outside before going shopping
6 - first time to go to the beach!!
7 - Sara Kate and Liam having picture time in downtown Savannah
8 - looking at the 'pish' behind our table at the Rainforest Cafe in Nashville
9 - tired girl on the last leg of our trip, between Nashville and Fayetteville
10 - playing iPad puzzles with Gee
11 - playing games on Gee's phone
12 - a night of swimming at the Morton's
13 - playing with her new Little People Farm from Gee
14 - cool cat at the Farmer's Market
15 - eating dinner
16 - cheese with mommy
17 - back to school after 2 weeks off
18 - Remy, Sara Kate, and besties...saying goodbye to Grayson before they move to Mississippi
19 - bath time fun with water crayons
20 - helping feed the dogs
21 - Elmo love, walking around the park
22 - first black eye...we have no idea how she got it
23 - Happy Birthday to daddy!!!
24 - happy girl on the way home from school
25 - big hugs for mommy
26 - wearing mommy's running shoes...she went to my closet and put my shoes and socks on by herself
27 - drinking milk at dinner time
28 - a fun Saturday with lots of playing
29 - little diva getting ready to go swimming
30 - sweet girl laying on the floor beside mommy while fixing dinner
31 - wearing red, white, and blue and getting ready to cheer on USA in women's gymnastics and swimming!
If you're still with me, I'm sorry!  Ha!!  I know these are crappy little pictures to look at but I am using Project 365 to document our day to day activities.  I promise not to so behind again! :-)

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  1. Great job capturing the moments each day! Go you! I did this last year and I am doing again this year and I love looking at my frame a day book from last year!