Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

We are so blessed to worship a risen Savior!!

We had a very busy but lovely Easter weekend.  A certain someone had some special birthday festivities that took place Saturday (that I'll get to at a later date) so we were happy to have my parents in town for the holiday.  Saturday evening we dyed Easter eggs.  It's become a tradition that we do this the night before Easter.  Last year we accidentally waited until the last minute to buy an egg dying kit and all Chris and my dad could find was some kit called 'Dudley's egg dying kit.'  They bought 2 so I had 1 stashed back for this year.  I wasn't super impressed with Dudley's kit...only 4 color tablets and literally nothing else.
But I got out a white crayon so Sara Kate could write and draw on them and they turned out multicolored and speckled and kind of cool looking.  Chris thought they were neat.  But I'll remember to buy something earlier and a little better than the cheap ole' Dudley's next year. :-)
Sunday morning we woke up to rain but we enjoyed an awesome church service.  We really are blessed by a beautiful church, an amazing church family, and an outstanding pastor!  If any one is looking for a church in Northwest Arkansas, I highly recommend First Christian Church, Fayetteville!!  
Our one an only decent family picture from the day.  Sara Kate was being goofy and chewing blue peppermint gum but it's the best we got!
Since Chris works at the church and we are so busy and rushed Sunday mornings, our tradition is that the Easter bunny comes while we are at church.  He leaves Sara Kate's Easter basket by the front door and he hides the eggs we decorated the night before.  Since it was raining when we got home, we had lunch first.  Then the rain let up enough for us to head outside.
She was so excited to see new bath toys...she's been asking for some.  She's very into spelling words right now so I got a package of letters and numbers (yes I know, I can't believe we haven't bought these for her yet).  Last night she spelled 'the' all by herself with her new letters and she was so excited for me to come see!
 Happy girl with her loot!
After checking out her basket, it was time to hunt eggs!!  No she didn't wear pink flip flops to church, but after lunch that's what she grabbed for shoes.  I was just happy she grabbed shoes to go outside, ha!!
 Counting her eggs.
My parents left shortly afterwards to head south.  We are always sad to say goodbye to them, but we are so happy they were here for the weekend. No family picture this year because of the rain...grrr!!

After they left, Sara Kate and I headed over to my friend Elizabeth's house.  She and her family hosted a meal and an egg hunt for their friends.  The big kids hid the eggs outside for the little kids and as soon as the little kids headed outside to hunt eggs it started raining pretty hard.  The kids were just grabbing eggs to get back inside.  Sara Kate had so much fun and ended up with a full basket.  She kindly shared with some other kids once we were back inside. 
After the egg hunt, she decorated some cookies then we headed home.  It was so nice of Elizabeth to invite us and I'm glad we went! 

We ended the day eating left overs and just playing at home.  A nice way to end a busy weekend.  I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!