Saturday, April 20, 2013


Today we made a trip to the University of Arkansas for 2013 Razorfest!  Sara Kate was so excited to "see the Razorbacks!"
It's a big event that corresponds with the Spring Red & White football game.  It's a free event with lots of family stuff and we had big fun checking everything out.  We parked way down at the bottom of Razorback Road so we had a long walk to the top, but on the way we passed the bronze Hog and Sara Kate was so excited to "touch the pig!"  This might be one of my favorite pictures ever!!  Love the excitement in her face!
We went and walked around inside the football stadium first.  They had all kinds of stuff set up in the concourses but we ran into Miss University of Arkansas ("the princess" as Sara Kate said) and had to get a picture.  Of course she wouldn't take one by herself so I'll ruin this cute shot of a beauty queen and our adorable daughter, haha!
A highlight for me was getting to walk down almost onto the field!!  Our seats are way up in the nose bleed section so being pretty much on the field was heaven!  Ha!
We made our way in front of the stadium where there were all kinds of bounce houses and little games set up.  Of course it was all pretty packed and there were all kinds of lines so we didn't do much.  Sara Kate did bounce in some bounce houses and the one thing she wanted was a balloon!
The last thing we did was line up and wait for the football team and coaches to make their arrival.  Talk about exciting when our new coach, Coach Bielema, walked right by us!!  He's one BIG guy!!
Sara Kate sat on the ground and was cute...she was getting tired.
Unfortunately the Red & White game started at 2:00, which is nap time for Sara Kate, so we couldn't stay.  By 12:30 we were all starving so we left.  I love having events like this in our town to go to.  Plus we (or I, haha!) are big fans so it's fun to support our team!!
Somebody was super tired of walking around and wanted to be carried alllllll the way back down the hill.  And of course she wanted mama to carry her.  Talk about a numb arm when we finally made to the car! :-)
 We had fun at Razorfest and can't wait until football season this fall!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Mud

This post may be a little on the gross side but it's something I find hilarious and I definitely want to remember it!  Wednesday morning about 1:30 am, Sara Kate woke up screaming.  Normally if she wakes up in the night (which doesn't happen often thankfully), she will cry for a few minutes and go back to bed.  But this cry was different.  It was like a high pitch squeal, like she didn't know what to do about something.  I was so exhausted from my work day on Tuesday I couldn't hardly move but after about 10 minutes of crying (don't judge us!!), Chris got up and went in her room.  I quickly learned why the cry was different.  She had gotten sick.  All over herself and all over her bed.  So I put her in the bath and Chris started her bed laundry and changed her sheets.  About 2:30 she got sick again.  After that, I layed with her in her bed, we layed on the couch, and I layed on her floor with her.  About 4:30 she got sick for the final time, then she went to sleep.  At 6:30 am (hello short night!) she was awake and immediately started talking.  What did she talk about?  The mud.  You might find yourself asking, what's the mud?  Let me tell you!  It's what she called her throw up.  I have no idea where she got that from but it definitely made me giggle!!  This is what she said. 

"Mommy, I coughed real hard and the mud came out."

"Mommy, I feel the mud coming."

"Mommy, I coughed real hard and the mud came and it got on my rainbow jama's (pajamas) and mommy had to put me in the bath and wash my pink blanket and my Elmo pillow."

"Mommy, I have no more mud but the mud came when I coughed real hard." 

"Mommy, I had 3 muds."
I stayed home with her Wednesday and during the day I would ask her if she felt the mud coming and she said no.  We played most of the morning and about 11:45 she wanted to lay on me.  Just after noon she crashed.  I put her to bed about 12:30 and of course, right as I was dosing off about 1:30, she woke up.  She ate an apple sauce and wanted to go outside, and we spent almost the rest of the day outside, even making a new friend when we walked down to our neighborhood park.  
She seemed to just have a little 12 hour bug, but I laughed all day at her talking about "the mud."  Because she talked about it and repeated the same sentences all day!!  Like I said, it's kind of gross, but it's something I want to remember.  Right before bed she said, "Keep the basket in my room.  The mud goes in the basket."  Translation:  the throw up goes in the bucket if I feel sick.  I love our funny girl!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

We have had a relatively uneventful weekend.  With daddy working on Friday and Saturday nights, there was lots of play time for mommy and Sara Kate and several errands to run during the day as a family.

Friday afternoon started with another visit to the doctor for Sara Kate.  She woke up Thursday saying her ear hurt and upon further inspection from the doctor, she still has an ear infection in her right ear and the left was working it's way toward infection.  She was such a big girl and said 'mommy take me to the doctor and the doctor fix my ear!'  Unfortunately, he gave her a different antibiotic and she HATES it!  We'll have to get creative giving it to her!
We had a quick visit with daddy before he had to go work at the high school...
Then Sara Kate said 'I wanna walk,' which means we are going to walk down to our neighborhood playground.  Fine with me!  I love being outside with her.  She is 100% happy and content being outside.
After we got home and since it was getting late I settled on cereal for dinner and Sara Kate got her first taste of real cereal...cheerios and milk...and she loved it!  So half a bowl for me and she ate the rest.
Saturday started with a little concert from our budding musician...
 Followed by running some errands around town.
The day started out cool and a little rainy but it ended up with beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures so outside we went!
I ended up having a little impromptu girls night with my sweet friend Julie that night.  Thanks to Meme who came over to watch Sara Kate at the last minute!
Today has been a super cranky day in the Michaels household for the 3 year old that lives here!!  I'm not sure what her deal is today, but I even had to take her out of church because she was being very non-cooperative at the end.  Of course outside she was perfect!  That child LOVES outside!
Crankyness ensued at Home Depot...until she 'drove the car outside,' and again, outside brought out smiles and a happy mood.
Unfortunately, crankyness ensued once again at Wal-Mart and with no visits outside to change ones mood, we got our shopping done as quick as possible and got out of there! :-)  Surely a nap would help the crankyness, right??  Except somebody didn't want to take a nap!
2 hourse later, with lots of trips out of her room...lots of 'I need to potty,' 'I need a drink,' 'I need my toys,' 'I need to sleep with my mommy'...she finally crashed.  Too bad she won't get to sleep long since it's so late now!  But for now, Chris and I have a few minutes to sit on the patio and enjoy this beautiful afternoon.  
Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Sara Kate, you are 3 years old!  
3 years ago you surprised us by arriving 2 weeks and 1 day early.  
But the baby phase and toddler phase flew by and now you are turning into a little girl.
You seem to pick things up quickly at school.  Things like learning your shapes, colors, ABC's, and counting seem to have come easily to you.  You can be very good at tracing when you are focused and you are starting to learn how to write you letters, which amazes me.  
You are so strong willed and opinionated and you want things done your way, but you can be so sweet, loving, and caring.
You love books and puzzles, you love playing blocks, you love watching Dora, Elmo, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you are starting to become interested in the Disney Princesses, and you absolutely love being outside.
You are a MAJOR mommy's girl and always have been...
But lately it seems like you are more of a mommy's girl than ever before.
The past year has included some BIG milestones for you!

Shortly after you turned 2, you were a big girl and let mommy take away your pacifier...
After Christmas, you were a big girl and moved from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in your big girl bed...
And within the past 2 months you have been a big girl and picked up and have mastered potty training when YOU were ready, of course.
You are so precious to us, and we love watching you grow and learn.  We love you so much and look forward to seeing what the next year brings!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last Week of 2!

Today is Sara Kate's last day of being 2.  I really can't believe she's going to be 3 tomorrow.  The past year has been such a big year, with so many milestones reached.  It feels like she's been with us forever, yet it feels like she just arrived.  Because last week was her last week of being 2, I took her picture every morning, specifically thinking of this post in mind.  So without further ado, I present to you Sara Kate's last week of being a 2 year old!
Wednesday - And the first time for mommy to put her hair in pig tails!  She told me when I was fixing her hair that she wanted 2 like Maddie (her best friend at school), haha.
And it's certainly not pretty but I was proud of myself for my first attempt! :-) 
Friday...and a terrible case of bed head!!  But somebody didn't want their hair fixed...sometimes thats a battle I just don't have time to fight! day!!
Sara Kate had a great party yesterday with lots of her friends and both of our families.  As you can see, it was Minnie Mouse themed and I'll write all about it once Chris gets pictures uploaded and edited.  It was a perfect day for a party at the park, thank goodness!!  And for the rest of today, we're going to enjoy a relaxing afternoon/evening and enjoy our last hours with our little 2 year old!