Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

We have had a relatively uneventful weekend.  With daddy working on Friday and Saturday nights, there was lots of play time for mommy and Sara Kate and several errands to run during the day as a family.

Friday afternoon started with another visit to the doctor for Sara Kate.  She woke up Thursday saying her ear hurt and upon further inspection from the doctor, she still has an ear infection in her right ear and the left was working it's way toward infection.  She was such a big girl and said 'mommy take me to the doctor and the doctor fix my ear!'  Unfortunately, he gave her a different antibiotic and she HATES it!  We'll have to get creative giving it to her!
We had a quick visit with daddy before he had to go work at the high school...
Then Sara Kate said 'I wanna walk,' which means we are going to walk down to our neighborhood playground.  Fine with me!  I love being outside with her.  She is 100% happy and content being outside.
After we got home and since it was getting late I settled on cereal for dinner and Sara Kate got her first taste of real cereal...cheerios and milk...and she loved it!  So half a bowl for me and she ate the rest.
Saturday started with a little concert from our budding musician...
 Followed by running some errands around town.
The day started out cool and a little rainy but it ended up with beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures so outside we went!
I ended up having a little impromptu girls night with my sweet friend Julie that night.  Thanks to Meme who came over to watch Sara Kate at the last minute!
Today has been a super cranky day in the Michaels household for the 3 year old that lives here!!  I'm not sure what her deal is today, but I even had to take her out of church because she was being very non-cooperative at the end.  Of course outside she was perfect!  That child LOVES outside!
Crankyness ensued at Home Depot...until she 'drove the car outside,' and again, outside brought out smiles and a happy mood.
Unfortunately, crankyness ensued once again at Wal-Mart and with no visits outside to change ones mood, we got our shopping done as quick as possible and got out of there! :-)  Surely a nap would help the crankyness, right??  Except somebody didn't want to take a nap!
2 hourse later, with lots of trips out of her room...lots of 'I need to potty,' 'I need a drink,' 'I need my toys,' 'I need to sleep with my mommy'...she finally crashed.  Too bad she won't get to sleep long since it's so late now!  But for now, Chris and I have a few minutes to sit on the patio and enjoy this beautiful afternoon.  
Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

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