Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Mud

This post may be a little on the gross side but it's something I find hilarious and I definitely want to remember it!  Wednesday morning about 1:30 am, Sara Kate woke up screaming.  Normally if she wakes up in the night (which doesn't happen often thankfully), she will cry for a few minutes and go back to bed.  But this cry was different.  It was like a high pitch squeal, like she didn't know what to do about something.  I was so exhausted from my work day on Tuesday I couldn't hardly move but after about 10 minutes of crying (don't judge us!!), Chris got up and went in her room.  I quickly learned why the cry was different.  She had gotten sick.  All over herself and all over her bed.  So I put her in the bath and Chris started her bed laundry and changed her sheets.  About 2:30 she got sick again.  After that, I layed with her in her bed, we layed on the couch, and I layed on her floor with her.  About 4:30 she got sick for the final time, then she went to sleep.  At 6:30 am (hello short night!) she was awake and immediately started talking.  What did she talk about?  The mud.  You might find yourself asking, what's the mud?  Let me tell you!  It's what she called her throw up.  I have no idea where she got that from but it definitely made me giggle!!  This is what she said. 

"Mommy, I coughed real hard and the mud came out."

"Mommy, I feel the mud coming."

"Mommy, I coughed real hard and the mud came and it got on my rainbow jama's (pajamas) and mommy had to put me in the bath and wash my pink blanket and my Elmo pillow."

"Mommy, I have no more mud but the mud came when I coughed real hard." 

"Mommy, I had 3 muds."
I stayed home with her Wednesday and during the day I would ask her if she felt the mud coming and she said no.  We played most of the morning and about 11:45 she wanted to lay on me.  Just after noon she crashed.  I put her to bed about 12:30 and of course, right as I was dosing off about 1:30, she woke up.  She ate an apple sauce and wanted to go outside, and we spent almost the rest of the day outside, even making a new friend when we walked down to our neighborhood park.  
She seemed to just have a little 12 hour bug, but I laughed all day at her talking about "the mud."  Because she talked about it and repeated the same sentences all day!!  Like I said, it's kind of gross, but it's something I want to remember.  Right before bed she said, "Keep the basket in my room.  The mud goes in the basket."  Translation:  the throw up goes in the bucket if I feel sick.  I love our funny girl!

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