Saturday, April 20, 2013


Today we made a trip to the University of Arkansas for 2013 Razorfest!  Sara Kate was so excited to "see the Razorbacks!"
It's a big event that corresponds with the Spring Red & White football game.  It's a free event with lots of family stuff and we had big fun checking everything out.  We parked way down at the bottom of Razorback Road so we had a long walk to the top, but on the way we passed the bronze Hog and Sara Kate was so excited to "touch the pig!"  This might be one of my favorite pictures ever!!  Love the excitement in her face!
We went and walked around inside the football stadium first.  They had all kinds of stuff set up in the concourses but we ran into Miss University of Arkansas ("the princess" as Sara Kate said) and had to get a picture.  Of course she wouldn't take one by herself so I'll ruin this cute shot of a beauty queen and our adorable daughter, haha!
A highlight for me was getting to walk down almost onto the field!!  Our seats are way up in the nose bleed section so being pretty much on the field was heaven!  Ha!
We made our way in front of the stadium where there were all kinds of bounce houses and little games set up.  Of course it was all pretty packed and there were all kinds of lines so we didn't do much.  Sara Kate did bounce in some bounce houses and the one thing she wanted was a balloon!
The last thing we did was line up and wait for the football team and coaches to make their arrival.  Talk about exciting when our new coach, Coach Bielema, walked right by us!!  He's one BIG guy!!
Sara Kate sat on the ground and was cute...she was getting tired.
Unfortunately the Red & White game started at 2:00, which is nap time for Sara Kate, so we couldn't stay.  By 12:30 we were all starving so we left.  I love having events like this in our town to go to.  Plus we (or I, haha!) are big fans so it's fun to support our team!!
Somebody was super tired of walking around and wanted to be carried alllllll the way back down the hill.  And of course she wanted mama to carry her.  Talk about a numb arm when we finally made to the car! :-)
 We had fun at Razorfest and can't wait until football season this fall!!

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