Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last Week of 2!

Today is Sara Kate's last day of being 2.  I really can't believe she's going to be 3 tomorrow.  The past year has been such a big year, with so many milestones reached.  It feels like she's been with us forever, yet it feels like she just arrived.  Because last week was her last week of being 2, I took her picture every morning, specifically thinking of this post in mind.  So without further ado, I present to you Sara Kate's last week of being a 2 year old!
Wednesday - And the first time for mommy to put her hair in pig tails!  She told me when I was fixing her hair that she wanted 2 like Maddie (her best friend at school), haha.
And it's certainly not pretty but I was proud of myself for my first attempt! :-) 
Friday...and a terrible case of bed head!!  But somebody didn't want their hair fixed...sometimes thats a battle I just don't have time to fight! day!!
Sara Kate had a great party yesterday with lots of her friends and both of our families.  As you can see, it was Minnie Mouse themed and I'll write all about it once Chris gets pictures uploaded and edited.  It was a perfect day for a party at the park, thank goodness!!  And for the rest of today, we're going to enjoy a relaxing afternoon/evening and enjoy our last hours with our little 2 year old!

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