Monday, April 8, 2013


Sara Kate, you are 3 years old!  
3 years ago you surprised us by arriving 2 weeks and 1 day early.  
But the baby phase and toddler phase flew by and now you are turning into a little girl.
You seem to pick things up quickly at school.  Things like learning your shapes, colors, ABC's, and counting seem to have come easily to you.  You can be very good at tracing when you are focused and you are starting to learn how to write you letters, which amazes me.  
You are so strong willed and opinionated and you want things done your way, but you can be so sweet, loving, and caring.
You love books and puzzles, you love playing blocks, you love watching Dora, Elmo, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you are starting to become interested in the Disney Princesses, and you absolutely love being outside.
You are a MAJOR mommy's girl and always have been...
But lately it seems like you are more of a mommy's girl than ever before.
The past year has included some BIG milestones for you!

Shortly after you turned 2, you were a big girl and let mommy take away your pacifier...
After Christmas, you were a big girl and moved from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in your big girl bed...
And within the past 2 months you have been a big girl and picked up and have mastered potty training when YOU were ready, of course.
You are so precious to us, and we love watching you grow and learn.  We love you so much and look forward to seeing what the next year brings!

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