Monday, April 28, 2014

Red White Game

Sara Kate had a big day on Saturday.  She attended her first Razorback football game!!  She's been to a basketball game and we've been to the 'meet the team' events, but this was her first time to go watch the football team play.  I figure it will be a couple more years before she's ready to go to a REAL game, so for now, this is perfect!  The University of Arkansas held it's annual Red White game to end spring practice, along with Razorfest, which is a bunch of bouce houses, games, etc. for kids.  We got there late because of gymnastics and having to run a couple of errands, but we walked around Razorfest for a few minutes but the lines for what was left were too long.  So we headed into the stadium.  We sat on the east side, lower deck (usually we sit on the west side, upper deck), about the 10th row or so.  It was pretty cool to be so close!
Sara Kate loved watching the cheerleaders and was obsessed with making sure she knew where the mascots were...making sure they did NOT come into the stands!  And thankfully while we were there they didn't!!
 Coach Bielema walking the field before the game.
Once the game started, it was kind of hard to keep track of which quarterback was which, which kicker was which...since they are no contact players.  But it was still fun watching them play, even though it was just a team scrimmage.
All pictures were taken by Chris!!
 Sara Kate did really well watching everything and taking it all in.  She noticed little things, like the stadium lights were on.  She called the Hogs...even though it was at a time when we were NOT calling the Hogs.  She read off the letters as we did the H-O-G-S spell out.  She even busted out singing 'Jesus Loves the Little Children' at one point.  Haha! 
We left at half time...she was ready to go by then, asking for a snack and ready to go to the car.  As a treat we bought some cotton candy, her first time to try it.  She loved it and told my mom and dad all about it later that night.  I hope she had fun.  I'm glad we live in a college town and she gets to experience stuff like this.  

Before we left campus, we stopped by some very special letters and I got a picture of my little legacy!  LOVE! :-)
Oh, and here's my mommy fail of the day...I forgot sunscreen and Sara Kate ended up with pink little shoulders...not as bad as mommy's red shoulders and back...ouch!

One more thing.  Please pray for our state!  We had devastating tornadoes in central Arkansas last night, wiping out towns that were affected by other strong tornadoes just a couple of years ago.  Pray for all those that were affected.  Also pray for Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, which are in the path of the storms and the areas of those states that have already been affected.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter friends!!  He is Risen!!  We've had a great Easter, and it was an absolutely beautiful day.  We've had a low key day at home, just the 3 of us.  
My beautiful girl in her Easter dress.
We started the day with an excellent church service.  Ya'll, our church is AWESOME!!  Seriously!!  If you're local in NWA, come check out First Christian Church in Fayetteville.  You won't be disappointed!  Anyway, we had a great turn out in contemporary service, the bell choir played in traditional service, and today was my day to teach children's church during our traditional service.  This is what Sara Kate took away from the lesson:
"Baby Jesus is alive!  The good witch, I mean the angel, rolled the rock away from the tomb and Baby Jesus was gone.  He's alive!"
Melt this mama's heart!!

After church we had to come home to see if the Easter bunny had visited!  In our house, the Easter bunny comes while we're at church.  He fills Sara Kate's basket with goodies and hides the eggs we dyed on Saturday.  She was so excited to see what he left!  She actually said the Easter bunny is a big purple bunny and it's a girl.  Haha.  And let me preface the following pictures with Sara Kate and her tacky looking Easter basket by saying, her basket is mine from when I was a kid, which I love.  But the bow was looking kind of rough from years in the closet.  So I had my mom make a new bow for it last year but that bow got mega smashed in the closet (go figure) and I don't make bows!  So it just kind of looks blahh this year.  But Sara Kate doesn't care so it doesn't really matter.  The Easter bunny also leaves her basket outside the front door.
 The Easter bunny obviously shops at Target. :-)
 Ready to hunt for eggs!!
  There's a story behind this egg.  When I post our egg dyeing pictures, I'll explain!
Once all the eggs were found, we had one happy girl!
 Love her!
We've spent a relaxing afternoon at home, doing a whole lot of nothing except playing outside and playing with new toys.  Sara Kate made a "princess" (haha) with the new Play-Doh and painted a lovely picture of Ariel, which then ended up covered in spilt water.  Oh well.
We even cooked an Easter-ish meal of ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and I made deviled eggs.
Overall we had a great Easter and we are so thankful that we worship a risen Savior!  Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!  Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mommy & Sara Kate Weekend

Sara Kate and I had a busy but fun weekend!  For the most part it was just the 2 of us, as Chris was in Dallas for a school event.
It was a beautiful spring weekend so we spent ALOT of time outside. 
I was so happy to see this beautiful, smiling face after school on Friday.
Her teacher fixed her hair in a top knot and it was freaking adorable!!!
I had a fun evening planned for us.  It was gorgeous and warm so we headed to the park for a picnic and play time.  The park was packed and there were no picnic tables available so we found a rock to sit on.  As Sara Kate stood by this rail eating her chicken, she watched kids flying kites, dogs chasing balls, and people running by, and I couldn't help but think how big she looks!
After she ate all her food we took some things back to the car and headed to play.  The park/playground might just be her favorite place ever.  Her face fills with joy when you mention that park.  She loves to run around, slide on all the fun slides, and swing.  She had a great time.
I kinda love this picture...such a happy smile and crazy static hair!!
 Me and my Type A personality hate the sandbox but she loves it.  I was sitting beside her, as she dug her feet in the sand, and I looked up and she was doing this...yep, pouring sand into her hair.  Ughhh!!
She was one happy, tired, DIRTY girl when we left!!  We came home, had baths, calm time, and bedtime.

Saturday morning came bright at early.  6:00...good morning mommy!  Ughh!  She watched the iPad, painted, and played Play-Doh before we had to head to gymnastics.  Meme was kind enough to take her because I had to be at the church for a rehearsal at the same time.  Meme was also kind enough to fix her hair.  Sara Kate loves having her hair in braids, which I suck at, and Meme did 2 french braids, which I can't do at adorable!  And she was so proud of it!
I picked her up from gymnastics and we went back to church for our church's annual Easter egg hunt!!  I had one excited little girl!  She got to run around with her friends, sing songs with our preacher, have lunch, and head outside to hunt for eggs!
On your mark...get set...GO!!
 All done!
After the Easter egg hunt, we made a quick run to Old Navy before heading home for nap time.  We had to get a quick nap in before going to our sweet friend Landry's 3rd birthday party!!  It was at the park, and Sara Kate was so excited to go back.  She had a great time at the party and we were so happy to celebrate this sweet girl's birthday!  Happy birthday Landry!!
We made a quick stop by the grocery store before heading home for bath and bedtime.  Another fun, tiring, and dirty night!

Sunday morning we headed to church to celebrate Palm Sunday.  We were happy to have daddy back home, and we enjoyed a beautiful church service.  Since it was Palm Sunday, the kids brought in the palm fronds.  This was Sara Kate's first time and she was so excited! 
 "Mommy!  Look at my palm branch!"
After church she showed me a picture that she drew and we had a conversation that went like this.  
Mommy: What did you draw?
Sara Kate: A donkey.
Mommy: Who rode in on a donkey?
Sara Kate: Baby Jesus (we laughed...everything is 'baby Jesus.').
Mommy: What were the people waving when Jesus rode in on the donkey?
Sara Kate: Leaves.
Mommy:  What did the people say?
Sara Kate: (throws her hands in the air) Hosanna!

I love that she picked all that up at Sunday school!

We had lunch, we ALL had naps, and we played some more...inside and outside.
And right after that happy smile we had major tears, as Sara Kate fell out of her swing for the first time while I was pushing her.  She was fine, but it scared her and scared me.  As I held her close and while she cried big crocodile tears, she looked at me and says, "Mommy, why didn't you catch me?"  Oh, dagger in my heart!  I tried to catch her, but as usual, it all happened so fast.

We had a fun weekend, and I had a great time with Sara Kate.  She's my constant shadow, which can be exhausting (Shower?  There she is.  Bathroom? There she is.  Throw something in the recycling?  There she is.  Etc.), but she's my girl!