Friday, June 21, 2013

1st Day of Summer!

Slide + Pool = BIG FUN!!  
Happy Summer!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer is Here!

We have had lovely weather the last couple months but it seems the tide has turned.  It's been 90 degrees plus this week and all of a sudden it's hot!  Tuesday I had to work outside and it was hot.  And going for a run in that late afternoon heat was NO fun at all!  But summer means water...pools, sprinklers, and eventually the ocean.  Sara Kate seems to be a water baby like I was...she loves it and has no fear.  She's been talking about going swimming for months and I hope to get her enrolled in swim lessons soon.  Chris filled up her pool earlier today and set it in the sun to warm (this isn't the first time but the first time she's been in it on a hot day...she kept saying, 'the water is warm today!').  After dinner she was so excited she could hardly stand it and she went straight in!
She wanted mommy in so mommy went in too.  Thankfully it was warm or mommy would have watched from the sidelines. :-)
We played with the buckets and shovels, she 'swam' around me, we sat 'criss cross apple sauce' and she poured water in my lap, and she squealed with lots of delight.
She practiced blowing bubbles in the water...
And she even put her face in the water.
And what better way to end an evening of pool play than to take a bicycle ride!  Swim suit and all!  What a goofball!
I guess we will welcome summer if we have to, and I know this is just the start of lots and lots of evenings playing outside in the water!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


A certain little lady in our house had a big day today!!  Aren't we cute in our matching stripes??  Haha.
We tempted fate and got ready to head towards Target around noon...and I say tempted fate because that's awfully close to when Sara Kate goes down for a nap.  But as soon as we pulled out of the neighborhood she said she was sleepy and needed to go to bed.  So we turned around and went home.  After she cried about having to take a nap (which meant she was ready to take a nap) she walked herself right to her room, closed the door, got in her bed, and went to sleep.  So a little after 1:30 we headed back out.  I decided I needed my toes done again so Sara Kate and I had another mommy-daughter trip to get our nails done.  Chris dropped us off and went and did manly stuff at Home Depot and Sara Kate and I "got paint," as she says.  Once again she picked purple and once again she sat in my lap and did pretty good.  And once again, she was so proud of her purple toes and fingers.
We headed to Target and had several things to pick up, but while we were there we decided to get Sara Kate a tricycle.  We were planning on getting her one for her 3rd birthday and never did because I kind of changed my mind a bit, but after she pulled out the baby riding toy 2 weeks ago and scooted herself around, it was apparent she needed something!  She didn't really see what we were getting, but she was very excited about picking out her helmet.  She was so proud of it and insisted on wearing it around the store the rest of the time we were at Target.  We laughed so hard but at least she was excited about it!  She waited patiently while daddy built it, wearing her helmet the whole time (it's it cute?!)...
then it was time!
She was so excited to ride her new "bicycle."
She's been on a tricycle before but she always needs some help.  This time was no exception.  She needed some help at first and got a little push from daddy, but she mostly got the pedaling down.
Steering is another story and she doesn't quite have the hang of that!
We spend lots of time outside (it's pretty much Sara Kate's favorite place to be!) so I know she will  have lots of fun on her "bicycle" this summer.