Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer is Here!

We have had lovely weather the last couple months but it seems the tide has turned.  It's been 90 degrees plus this week and all of a sudden it's hot!  Tuesday I had to work outside and it was hot.  And going for a run in that late afternoon heat was NO fun at all!  But summer means water...pools, sprinklers, and eventually the ocean.  Sara Kate seems to be a water baby like I was...she loves it and has no fear.  She's been talking about going swimming for months and I hope to get her enrolled in swim lessons soon.  Chris filled up her pool earlier today and set it in the sun to warm (this isn't the first time but the first time she's been in it on a hot day...she kept saying, 'the water is warm today!').  After dinner she was so excited she could hardly stand it and she went straight in!
She wanted mommy in so mommy went in too.  Thankfully it was warm or mommy would have watched from the sidelines. :-)
We played with the buckets and shovels, she 'swam' around me, we sat 'criss cross apple sauce' and she poured water in my lap, and she squealed with lots of delight.
She practiced blowing bubbles in the water...
And she even put her face in the water.
And what better way to end an evening of pool play than to take a bicycle ride!  Swim suit and all!  What a goofball!
I guess we will welcome summer if we have to, and I know this is just the start of lots and lots of evenings playing outside in the water!

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