Sunday, January 26, 2014

65 Degrees in January!

Today it was 65 degrees.  In January.  So what did we do?  We played outside!  Alot!  As soon as we got done with church this morning, Sara Kate and I went to Wilson Park to play.
"Swing me mommy!"  One of her favorite things to do!
Another one of her favorite things to do is for she and I to go down the slide together.  She told me that it makes her so happy. :-)
Our friends, the Becknell's, joined us!  Clara and Sara Kate are 2 months apart and they are pretty good buddies.  They chased each other around, went down the slide together, and went on the swings together.  I just love seeing sweet little friends together, and it's always nice to catch up with Clara's mommy!
After some fun play time, we headed home for lunch and naps.  After naps, it was back outside!  Sara Kate wanted to ride her bicycle so she rode around a bit and we went around the block.
Taking a walk or going on a bike ride almost always ends up with a trip to our neighborhood park.  We go to the big parks in Fayetteville quite often, but we are lucky to have a small little park right in our neighborhood, just a short walk away.
My favorite picture from the day.  My little model.  Love her!
I'm glad we were able to get outside and enjoy this 65 degree day, but it's too bad it won't last.  Tomorrow we are back to a HIGH of 20!  Brrrr!!  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A First!!

Last Saturday night we took Sara Kate to her very first Razorback sporting event.  We've taken her to Razorback Fan day in the spring and Fan Appreciation Day in the fall, but this was her first GAME to attend!  She was excited.  The basketball team was playing in their last non-conference game against University of Texas-San Antonio, I had the option of getting super cheap tickets, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to go.  She was excited, but she kept saying she didn't want to see the mascots.  Anyone who remembers my post about Fan Day might remember that she screamed bloody murder on the floor of Bud Walton Arena when the mascots came up behind me...and not even close behind me!  Far away behind me!  But she's terrified of them and said over and over again she didn't want to see them.  Done!!
When we got to the game and got to our seats, she was enthralled by the whole thing.  They were announcing the teams so lights were flashing, music was playing, cheerleaders were cheering...she seemed amazed.
Once the game started I really wasn't sure how long she would make it, but to my amazement she made it almost all the way to the end.  
She went between sitting in her seat and sitting in my lap, and eventually we saw a girl from our church who came and sat with us, which Sara Kate enjoyed.  She watched most of the game like this, propped up on the rail, taking it all in.  She spent most of her time watching the cheerleaders, dance team, and making sure she knew where the mascots were at all times!!  "Mommy, did you see that cheerleader?"  "Mommy, look, the mascot is over there."  "Mommy, look, they are dancing."  "Mommy, where is the girl mascot?  Oh wait, there she is!"
When I said I got super cheap tickets, that meant they were in the upper deck, and I picked the first row, which only made me nervous a few times with the way Sara Kate leaned on the rail watching.  But I didn't care they were way up high.  It gave a great view of everything.  Of course Chris took his camera, and of course he captured some awesome pictures.
We had a fun time and I'm glad we got to take Sara Kate to her first Razorback game.  I'm sure this was the first of many, which makes this mama smile!!
Too bad our Hogs have lost their first 2 SEC games since that awesome 100+ point win! :-)

Oh, and the days following that fun Saturday night were COLD and SNOWY!!  We didn't get alot of snow, maybe 3 inches, but we had cold like I have never experienced before!!  This south Arkansas girl doesn't do negative temperatures!  :-)
But my outside loving girl wanted to play, so we played.
Today it's a very windy, but beautiful 60 degree day!  Those negative temperatures are a distant memory. :-)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Playing Catch-Up and Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!!  A new year so I thought maybe it was time for a new look!  What do ya think?  I'm a sucker for animal print.  Sassy! :-)

After my Christmas post last week, which is HERE, I meant to do a couple more posts with Christmas and holiday related stuff, but of course, I ran out of time.  Story of my life, ha!  So I think I'll just play a little catch up now!

After our trip to El Dorado for Christmas, we pretty much spent the entire weekend with Chris' family, including the uncle, aunt, and cousins from Texas, and had Christmas all of his family.  We had a great visit with everyone!
This is Sara Kate and Hannah with cousin Brandon from Texas.  We were missing cousin Zachary and Hayden.  Don't think we got a single picture of all 5 of them!
Hayden played with my phone and took quite a few selfies.  He was proud of himself and now I have a whole string of Hayden faces in my photos now! :-)
Sara Kate got a new princess purse.  She was excited.
A big event of that weekend was I took Sara Kate to her very first movie at the theatre.
We went with cousin Hannah and Aunt Jenny to see 'Frozen.'  It was so good!  The girls loved being together, and Sara Kate did great in her first experience at the movies.  I'm sure having Hannah there helped!  These girls are seriously the best of friends and it's so precious.
We took our tree down and while we had the big empty space, Chris took some amazing pictures of Sara Kate with Christmas lights.  She's my little model, and of course, I think he's quite the amazing photographer!
I went back to work the Monday after Christmas, and Tuesday I got off 4 hours early for New Years Eve. Thank you government!  We spent the evening at our friends, the Shreve's.  
Their son Remy is Sara Kate's 'boyfriend.'  They've been buddies since they were tiny babies at daycare and they are still buddies even though they don't go to school together anymore.  We have this same picture of them from New Years Eve last year and joke that they'll be having school dance pictures and prom pictures taken on this same mantel in the future.  Ha!
Speaking of school, Thursday, January 2, was Sara Kate's first day of school for 2014!  She was so excited to go back and see her friends after being gone a week and a half!
In other 2014 related news, the princess obsession is in full swing at the Michaels household.  Sara Kate had a very 'princess Christmas,' and several nights in a row she insisted on wearing her new princess nightgown (thank you Aunt Laura!!) and brushing her hair with her new princess hair brush while saying, 'I have to brush my hair so it can be so long like 'Tangled'.'  She cracks me up.
I'll end my 'holiday catch up' post with a funny video...Sara Kate singing Jingle Bells.  It's a classic. Again, she cracks me up.  And yes, she's in the bathtub.  Don't judge! :-)
Hope everyone had a great end to 2013 and has had a great start to 2014!!