Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Let me start out by saying, Sara Kate's staph infection has been looking alot better...until last night when I saw a new bump on her bottom.  So we're back to using the ointment in her nose and the ointment on her bottom.  That stuff is brutal!  Anyway...

March FLEW by! Seems like alot went on in March, or at least I have alot of pictures from March.  But that's really nothing out of the ordinary, haha.  My work is crazy this time of year.  Add in all the crazy winter weather and a broken down work truck, and I'm just plum behind.  So it's been early mornings and late afternoons at the office for me and lots of stress.  March also brought our last month having a 3 year old as well.  My baby will be 4 in one week!  But we'll talk about that later!  For now, lets look back on March.

March brought lots of outside time, which we love!!
We watched our Razorbacks finish their basketball season in the SEC Tournament and the NIT Tournament and we cheered for them the whole way!  NCAA Tournament bound next year! :-)
Me and my green jeans (and Chris, of course) celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some fun Irish music on the square, Irish dancing, beer, and friends.
Sara Kate learned all about St. Patrick's Day at school and even came home with these super stylish sunglasses!
My parents came up for an impromptu visit so my dad could go hiking with Chris and I and my friends Julie and Erica.  We went to Hawksbill Crag (also known as Whitaker Point) in the Buffalo.  I had never been and had only seen pictures.  It was super scary, but really cool.  And it was fun to go with my dad and friends.
The following pics are courtesy of Chris and his sweet photography skills.
While we hiked, Sara Kate got to spend time with Ghee.  Right up her alley!  Pardon that goofy headband!
This past weekend we attended a beautiful wedding for our friends Lauren and Nathan at our church.  The rehearsal dinner and wedding night were 2 fun nights with sweet friends, and Lauren looked beautiful.  And I'll add that Chris did the music and he was great...as always!  It rained, but you know what they say about rain on your wedding day...it's good luck!
 Group photo courtesy of Jane Morton. :-)
 Finally, I accomplished goal #1 for the year...on Sunday I ran in the Hogeye 5K!  I wanted to do it last year but wasn't ready after being lazy over the winter.  I made it a goal this year!  Success! 
 Got to hang out with my sweet friend Sarah, too!
I finished with an average of 11:05 minute/mile, which I was happy with!  I'm no speed runner...my goal is to finish! :-)

To round out the month of March, I'll leave you with a Sara Kate funny.

Mommy:  Sara Kate, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Sara Kate: I want to be a princess and drive a car like mommy!
Silly girl!!
That wraps up our March.  Bring on April!

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