Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Four years ago at 11:57 am, a little 7 lb., 2 oz. baby girl came into the world, arriving 2 weeks and 1 day early.  She was tiny and precious and innocent and pure.  And so loved.
The past 4 years have flown by...I can't believe my baby is 4!!
We had a big day today celebrating Sara Kate's birthday.  We woke her up this morning and took her to Rick's Bakery for breakfast.  We let her pick out what she wanted and to my surprise, she picked out a baked cinnamon roll.  She's normally a donut girl but she loves sharing Poppa's cinnamon roll!  She was so proud to take it to a table and sit there and eat.
After breakfast I took her to Sam's Club to pick out cupcakes for her class at school.  She was really excited and picked out some cute little spring decorated cupcakes, with pastel frosting and flower rings.
Also while at Sam's Club, they had 'Frozen' playing on one of the big TV's.  And this is what she did.  The girl has been watching 'Frozen' non-stop since she got it for her birthday Saturday night and I'm pretty sure she thought this was playing just for her!  Took me forever to convince her we had to go...only the threat of leaving without cupcakes got her to move away from the movie.  Haha.  Mommy's so mean!
She had a great day at school and her teacher, Ms. Julie, sent me this picture when it was time for cupcakes after nap time.  I'm so glad she sent it to me!  She looks so big and so happy!
I picked Sara Kate up from school and took her to dance, but after dance she had her presents from us waiting for her.  And her main present was a new big girl bicycle!!  She was so excited!
We had her favorite food for dinner, pizza, and we had left over cupcakes for dessert.  She also got to talk to several family members through FaceTime (I love technology!!) before bath and bedtime.  I hope Sara Kate had a great birthday...I think she did.
There have definitely been hard times but I have loved every second of the last 4 years.  She's mommy's girl and I love her more than words can say.  I look forward to seeing what year 4 brings!!  Happy birthday to my big girl!

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