Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2012

Happy Easter!!  We have had quite the busy weekend, complete with grandparents visiting, Easter egg hunts, birthday parties, and of course, celebrating our risen Lord!  So prepare for picture over load in this post!  :-)  My parents came up for the weekend because mom had to teach a class in Springdale on Saturday, but it worked out perfectly because Sara Kate's school was closed Friday, Chris and I both had to work, and they got here Thursday night!  Yay!  So they had a fun day together then a fun night together because Chris and I had plans to go to a wine party/ping-pong tournament at a friends house.  Late night, but lots of fun.  Saturday we woke up to storms, which moved our church Easter egg hunt indoors, but kids don't care!  As long as they find eggs with candy (ughh!!), they're happy where ever they are.  The little kids were down stairs in the nursery/pre-school area and of course Sara Kate had a blast.  She actually had an Easter egg hunt at school on Thursday so she knew the drill and was so excited to do it again!
As soon as we left church, we headed to Berryville to celebrate our nephew's 2nd birthday.  His birthday is actually today, which is funny because last year Sara Kate's 2nd birthday was on Easter and this year Hayden's 2nd birthday is on Easter.  Happy birthday giant man baby!  You aren't a baby any more but you're still a giant, you're the most serious child on the planet, you love seeing 'Kate' (precious!) and 'Kiss' (Uncle Chris), and we love you to pieces!
Here's the birthday boy with all his cousins...the little girl on the right is Jason's sister's daughter.  They all had such a fun time together!  They were cracking us up!
We came back to town, met my parents for dinner, and made a quick stop to get Easter egg dyeing supplies.  So after Sara Kate's bath, we dyed eggs.  It was late but it's what you're supposed to do, right??  She was so excited.
Dyeing Easter eggs in Valentine's pajamas...haha!!  Who cares! :-)
Today we woke up and were excited to say 'He is Risen!'  Sara Kate looked adorable in her Easter dress, which was made by a sweet girl here in town who has a little business.  She was so excited about 'the birds!'
We had a wonderful church service, and Sara Kate did SO good during church!!  She can still go to the nursery, but I am starting to try and keep her in service...she has to learn to be quiet and still and to listen, even though it's very frustrating and hard on me sometimes, especially when she wants daddy but daddy is 'working' (Chris directs our praise band and plays piano in contemporary service for those who don't know).  But she was great today and sat contently in my lap coloring.
After church we had to check out what the Easter bunny brought!  Because our Sunday mornings are hectic to get out the door before church, the Easter bunny comes to visit our house while we are at church, and he leaves Sara Kate's basket filled by the front door.  I don't want that rabbit coming into our house, haha!!!
Also, the Easter bunny took our decorated eggs from Saturday night and hid them!  More egg hunting, what fun!
We had a nice lunch, which Chris' mom joined us for (his dad had to go back to Little Rock to his job site), before we had to say good bye to my parents.  Of course a little photo session was in order before everyone left.
We've had a wonderful but very busy weekend!  I'm thankful for our families being here and our ability to serve a risen Lord and celebrate Him on this day!  We'll have lots more family time next weekend because a certain someone turns 3 in 8 days!!!  I can't hardly believe it!  Hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!!

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