Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy Day!

Saturday was a busy day for us!!  I am having some allergy troubles (I think) and although I was REALLY looking forward to sleeping in, I ended up not sleeping a wink because of being extremely stopped up.  Lovely.  An early shower helped clear out my head so we got going earlier than I was hoping!
I needed to run a couple of errands so we decided to head out for brunch at a little local cafe down the road before errands.  It's called The Rolling Pin Cafe, and in our 6+ years of living out here, we have driven by it hundreds of times but never been.  It was delicious!  They made Sara Kate a Mickey Mouse pancake, which she loved.
We were being silly while we waited for our food, practicing our duck faces...actually they look more like fish faces than duck faces.  Haha.
After errands we quickly came home to get Sara Kate down for a nap because she had a birthday party to go to for her friend Huck!!  She's been talking about going to Huck's birthday party all week so she was excited it was finally time!  It was at Boingo Bounce, one of her favorite places.
One of her best friends from school was there too, and she and Ramona had such a fun time together.
And of course the best part of any party is the cupcakes!!
After the party we quickly came home because we were having Sara Kate's friend Ella come over for the evening so her parents could have a date night.  Those girls had such a fun time and hardly slowed down at all.  
In addition to Ella, we had Hannah and Hayden come over for a while too.  Let me tell you, a 5 year old, 2-almost-3 year olds, and an almost 2-year old can destroy a house in no time!!  Ha!!  There were toys everywhere, but they all had so much fun.
Even though we fortunately worked a nap into the day, Sara Kate was exhausted by the time Ella left.  And Chris and I were exhausted too...every member of the Michaels family crashed last night.  Our day was busy was it was fun, filled with lots of friends, and Sara Kate had a blast.  Today we are definitely resting. :-)

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