Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sara Kate is into lots of things right now...Micky Mouse/Minnie Mouse, Dora, and Elmo.  Elmo has been a part of our family for a while now, haha!  She has Elmo episodes saved on the iPad that she will watch over and over again, and my mom bought her this precious smocked Elmo dress a while back.  I kind of forgot it was in her closet, partially because she's into all things pink right now and partially because it looks huge.  But we pulled it out today to wear to church.  She was so proud!  So picture time ensued when we got home, just because.  Do we need an excuse to take pictures of the cute little 2 year old that lives in our house??  Well of course not, but a cute dress and an even cuter girl are great reasons!  :-)  And she can be such a little model when she wants to be!
Two other things I want to note from today include the following.  Chris had to go into church early this morning so he left right after I got out of the shower.  Sara Kate was watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse on the couch, but as soon as he left she came into the bathroom.  And when she comes in the bathroom while I'm getting ready, she's into everything and wants to do everything I do!  I was putting on my eye make up, and I look over at her to check on her and she's managed to grab Chris' hair stuff off the counter, get the lid off, get her hand in it, and rubbed a big glob into her hair.  So into the bath she went!!  She was quite proud of herself for 'fixing' her hair though.  Ughh!
And right before we left for church, as I'm running around like crazy trying to get things together, plus we're running late because of the hair gel incident, combined with the fact that she would rather run around the house naked then get dressed, she looked at me so sweetly and said 'I want to wear a necklace like mommy.'  So we found the one play necklace I could find and she was so proud to be wearing a necklace like mommy.  So sweet.
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hi! I am looking for an elmo dress for my dd's second birthday, upon a google search your blog came up! any chance you still have this and can share the brand with me?? thanks so much!