Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fan Day!

Yesterday was 'Fan Day' at the University of Arkansas, and we thought it would be fun to take Sara Kate down there to check things out.  As you know, my child has to dress for every occasion (ha!), and this day was no different.  Her Mimi is in the process of making her a new Razorback pillowcase dress, and she has her smocked Razorback dress from last year that still fits, but daddy bought her a new dress at Wal-Mart last week that she decided to wear (yes, she picked it over the smocked dress, what?!  Ha!).  She was VERY excited to 'wear the pig!'  Yep, her words.  She was also very excited that 'mommy wear the pig and daddy wear the pig.'  So cute.
The event was set up in and around Bud Walton Arena, and the doors opened at noon.  We got there around 11:50 or so, and the lines were wrapped all around the arena. The football team was set up inside Bud Walton Arena signing autographs, and we certainly weren't interested in standing in the SUPER long lines with a 2 year old for those (although we did manage to snag a picture of Sara Kate with a player!  And we did get a sneak peak of our awesome quarterback Tyler Wilson, who was flanked on all sides, of course!).  We were interested in the kid area outside which had some little games.  They also had our live mascot Tusk outside, and the cheerleaders and other mascots were inside.  We saw Tusk, which Sara Kate LOVED.  Seriously, I think she would have gone right into his cage if she could have.  She wanted to get so close.  His handler was so nice and tried to get him to lay down so she could pet his back.  But he wouldn't listen, ha!!  A man with CBS Sports was there doing some filming for a special, and he did some filming of Sara Kate standing by Tusk's cage.  Maybe she'll make her TV debut at some point!  She played a little game of throw the football into the hole, which of course she couldn't do but she figured out she could just walk up there and put it in the hole.  Smart girl. :-)
We made our way inside and walked around to check things out and we ran into just the people we were looking for, the cheerleaders!  She was in awe of these girls!  You can't see in in the first picture, but the one on the right let Sara Kate hold her pom poms and it was cuteness overload.
 She let this big guy hold her and she's still holding the pom poms.
 I am seriously in love with this picture.  She looks so small yet so big, and she looks so proud.  Future Razorback!! :-)
I mentioned that we managed to sneak in front of one of the lines and get her picture with a football player.  So here's Sara Kate and her new friend Austin Tate, who is a tight end on our team.
She was not afraid to go up to any of these people for pictures.  Who she would NOT get a picture taken with was the mascots.  She was terrified of them!!!  I'm confident one day she'll be so excited to get her picture taken with them.  Before we left, she got her face painted, which they were doing for free.  She got her face painted for the first time last week at her school when they had an after school fun night so she knew what to expect.  She sat there and did so great while the nice lady painted a running Razorback on her cheek!
We had a great time at Fan Day and are glad that we went.  This was Sara Kate's first real event to go to on campus...she's been tailgating with us before games but that's it.  She did great there and of course, we got some great pictures of a fun day!  Football season will be here so soon and we can't wait.  Go Hogs!!

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