Sunday, August 12, 2012


I mentioned in my last post about Sara Kate going to school that she's really good at her colors.  One of her favorite books is 'Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See.'  We read it all the time (along with 'Green Eggs & Ham' and her 'Llama llama' books), and she always has to say all the colors on the front cover and the back cover.  I took this video about 2 weeks ago (it was when she had her black eye, you can see that thing pretty good), and after she finished listing the colors she started 'reading' the book herself instead of me doing it.  I know she's not actually READING but it still melts my heart.  I've always been a big reader and I love that she loves books.
In other school news from this week, it was 'Ocean Week' where they learned all about the ocean!  Their song of the week was ocean related, their book of the week was ocean related, and their craft projects were ocean related, including making a jellyfish, an octopus, a lobster, and an ocean in a bag.  They ended the week with a special treat of watching 'Finding Nemo.'  I didn't see her teacher Friday afternoon to see if she actually liked it and watched it!  In honor of ocean week, Sara Kate wore a couple of her ocean themed dresses, which she was very proud of.  Thank goodness she didn't come home covered in filth (like Monday when she came home in her back up outfit because at lunch she covered herself with spaghetti, nice!)!
This is the last week before public school starts back and we went to Chris' classroom after church today to check it out.  He's done a whole 'man cave' thing for his guys choir.  It's cute.  And I couldn't resist getting a picture of Sara Kate and her daddy in his classroom.  I absolutely LOVE the way she looks at him.  So sweet.
Hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!!! I love watching your baby girl growing, and learning! This morning she was emulating our minister in church with her hand much fun, so little time it will last! Glad you are enjoying every minute!