Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mommy-Sara Kate Day

Yesterday Chris was out of town so Sara Kate and I had a mommy-daughter day.  Sara Kate is very much a mommy's girl and we spend alot of time together.  With Chris staying home with her 3 days a week during the summer, he's had lots of days with her but she and I haven't had a whole day together in a while.  Sweet girl let me sleep in until 8, which was great since I stayed up way late watching the Olympics and then had to get up at midnight to deal with Cody because he was barking like a crazy dog outside.  So an extra couple of hours was lovely.
We got up and played for a bit before I thought that we may try and run to town for some fun.  Sara Kate was so good while I was in the shower and sat outside the bathroom playing iPad.  I downloaded a new app called Talking Tom Cat, and she LOVES it!!!  It was free, and you can talk to the cat and it will mimic you, you can pet it and it will purr, you can beat up on it and it makes noises, and you can give it milk.  If you have young kids (or not), download it...they will love it!
After I was dressed, it was time to get Sara Kate dressed.  She said she wanted to wear puppies.  But then said frogs.  I handed her the 2 dresses and told her to pick one.  The concept of 'pick 1' is completely lost on a 2 year old.  I chose puppies since that's what she first said.
I tried to do a little fall shopping for her since it's tax free weekend here.
Unfortunately I didn't have alot of luck at Kohl's (where I racked up last year for fall during tax free weekend), where I had an extra 20% off coupon.  I'm nervous about buying her stuff for fall because she's got such a long torso like me but is short as far as pants go, which is also like me.  Poor kid, ha!  So I just got a couple of babydoll type tops, which should be long enough, and a pair of pajamas for fall.  I also managed to score 2 dresses and 2 pairs of pajamas for next year that were all on clearance (including her first nightgown!).  Hard to believe it's already time to buy 3t (for next year)!
I wanted to make a trip to the mall but due to the timing and needing to get home for nap, it just didn't happen.  But before we headed home, we stopped for a little treat!!  We have an awesome little cupcake shop called Bliss Cupcake Cafe that has 2 locations in town, one off of the square and one near the mall.  We stopped in and Sara Kate immediately said 'I want pink!'  So we shared a strawberry cupcake and she loved it, although she loved the frosting more than the cake.  Yes, she is my child.  :-)
We came home and had nap time, and then our mommy-daughter day turned into mommy-daughter-cousins-Mimi day!  We all went swimming for a little while, which all the kids loved!  I got one picture of all 3 but it's terrible so I won't subject these precious children to having a terrible picture of them floating around the internet, ha!!  So just enjoy a cute picture of Sara Kate and Hannah!
By the time we were finished, Chris was back (yay!) and we enjoyed pizza at his parents house with everyone before a little more playtime before bed.  I'll be honest and say that spending an entire day alone with a 2 year old can be trying at times, but when she's sweet and good, it's oh so sweet!  I enjoyed my day with my precious girl, and I'm sure we'll do it again soon!

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