Friday, August 17, 2012, doctor, and play!

We've had an interesting but fun day today.  Our mornings start with Sara Kate getting up and getting dressed, getting her milk and poptart, and always saying a 'picture mommy!'  Which means, take my picture before leaving for school.  It's no wonder she says this because I think I've taken her picture every single morning before school ever since she started going 2 years ago...if not every morning, almost every morning.  All those pictures are so precious to me.  So it's just part of our routine.  I mentioned in my last post that they studied the ocean last week.  Well, this week they studied farm animals.  So of course in keeping with the theme, my perfectly dressed child (HA!!) had to dress the part and wear her smocked farm animal bubble.  And she was being so goofy in her picture, too!  This is a terrible picture but it's terribly funny to me!
And daddy always gets kisses before leaving.  Although this was his last day to see us off because usually he leaves right before we do when school is in session.
Sara Kate went to school but got to leave early (which she was very upset about and threw a fit on the way out the door...lovely) because we had to take her to the doctor.  She's not sick or anything, but something has come to our attention and started to concern us.  This summer Chris, his mom, and my mom noticed her right eye started wandering to the right, mainly when she got tired or was very relaxed.  The good thing is as soon as you would get her attention it would snap right back into place.  Weird thing is, I've never seen it!  But I asked her teacher at school if she had seen it and she had, mainly when she's tired but it was very mild.  We were told we should get her checked out just to be on the safe side so we took her to the pediatrician first.  And we reaffirmed the fact that she HATES the doctor.  I'm talking screaming-bloody-murder-as-soon-as-the-scales-come-into-sight-much-less-the-doctor!!!!  She clung onto me so tight, nuzzled into my neck, and screamed at the top of her lungs.  I finally got her calmed down and the doctor came in.  She wanted nothing to do with him (even though she said he had on a pink shirt) and gave him the evil eye.  He was being so kind and silly trying to get her attention, too.  Poor guy.  Probably goes through that alot, though, ha!!  She also wanted nothing to do with following his little light but he took her monkey and she did follow that with her eyes.  She managed to give him enough information that way.  He said that a wandering eye like we described is very common and kids her age usually grow out of it.  A concern would be if the eye stayed off to the side or started bouncing, that would be reason for more concern.  So that's good news and hopefully she will just grow out of it and it won't be a problem.
An unhappy girl clinging tight like a monkey to her mommy!
We made a stop by daddy's school before coming home and getting ready for a play date!  My friends Elizabeth and Noelle came over with their little ones to eat and play!  We had a 4 year old, two 2 year olds, and a 1 year old.  The kids had a great time and all played so well together.  Sara Kate did GREAT sharing her toys (like the best she's ever done, yay!), and she was being a total copy cat with Madelynn (2 yrs old) and Grace (4 yrs old). She cracks me up.  We had storms last night so it was a good night for outside play after dinner.  The swing set was a big hit.  
I love how they all smiled (sort of) but no one is looking at the camera, ha!!
Graham was so proud of himself up there like the big girls!
It was a little cool for pool play, but you know how kids are...nothing will stop them from playing in water, ha!! 
This is a terrible picture but it cracks me up...Sara Kate is smiling, Madelynn is looking down, Grace's behind is in the picture, and Graham looks like he's drowning because he had just gone down the slide.  Kids are funny.
We're so glad our friends got to come over and play, and we look forward to more play dates soon (and we missed our friends that couldn't make it!)!  Sara Kate sacked out really fast.  I'm sure she was exhausted from a full week at school (which usually takes alot out of her), a complete meltdown at the doctor's office, and playing with friends.
Happy Friday!!

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