Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School!

Yesterday Sara Kate went 'back to school!'  She's been in school part time all summer, but the day she starts going back full time we always do her picture and say it's her 'first day of the new year.'  It's not really the first day...they won't officially start new curriculum until the first of September when everyone is back in the swing of things and she's not moving up classrooms yet.  But it's momentous and memorable to us.  It was 2 years ago when she started school for the first time, and my oh my how things have changed.
First day of school (ever) 2010
First day of school 2012...doesn't she look like such a big girl?!
 I LOVE this picture!!!  What a doll!!
Last week she seemed to turn a corner, as far as her separation anxiety when I drop her off.  Of course, going only 2 days a week and spending 3 days at home with daddy plus the weekend at home with us was hard on her.  But last week I dropped her off, she saw her friend Maddie (her new bestie), and she said 'I play with Maddie.  Bye bye mommy.'  She gave me hugs and kisses and went to play and was perfectly fine.  She's done great this week, too.  It's hard on me when I leave and she's crying so hopefully we're on the right track now.  Also, her teachers are very impressed with her knowledge of her colors.  She also knows her shapes, her ABC's, and can count to 10, but she LOVES talking about colors and we do them all the time.  She's really thriving in school and is just learning so much there.  That makes us feel good.  Our baby girl is getting so big!!
Yay for school!!

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