Friday, March 2, 2012

Project 365 - February

I meant to get this post up the last day of February but this week has been crazy at work. And I just realized that for THIS year, it's not actually Project 365 but Project 366! Anyway, if you'll recall, I'm doing the Project 365, which is the picture a day. You can see my January post here. I love the Project 365 app for the iPhone. I have tons (seriously, over 1500!) pictures on my phone and it's cool to capture and store my favorite picture from the day in this little calendar. Once again, the calendar is broken into 2 pictures, the first picture is days 1-16 and the second picture is days 17-28. And since this just happens to be a generic calendar, there is no day 29, but I have a couple of too cute pictures to share from Leap Day. Here's a run down of what I took pictures of in February.

1 - bath time fun
2 - Sara Kate's teachers at school fixed her hair in a tiny little tiny pony tail
3 - happy girl before school
4 - hanging out with Uncle Jason and cousin Hannah
5 - happy girl who just woke up from a nap...and drooling like crazy because of teething
6 - playing peek-a-boo with daddy
7 - messy spaghetti dinner
8 - Sara Kate and her best friend Grayson
9 - playing peek-a-boo with her ball
10 - playing on mommy & daddy's bed
11 - walking around in Gran's shoes
12 - giving the camera a VERY silly face while taking a picture with mommy
13 - walking around outside the afternoon of our 'snow' had pretty much all melted
14 - nice and clean after her bath
15 - playing picnic with Meme
16 - Sara Kate pulled her kids Bible off the shelf to this!
17 - 'drinking' her broccoli cheese soup
18 - eating cake at Hannah's 4th birthday
19 - petting her dog, Cora
20 - a yogurt mustache after trying to 'drink' the yogurt
21 - playing with daddy before bath time
22 - happy girl first thing in the morning when I went to get her up for school
23 - sharing ice cream with mommy
24 - she climbed into my chair all by herself, got my water cup, and helped herself!
25 - she found the book aisle in Wal-Mart and sat down and started reading
26 - playing outside on a very warm and windy afternoon
27 - just woke up and ready for school...that's her 'mom, don't take my picture' face!
28 - reading while sitting on the big potty

I have no idea why these pictures are 2 different sizes...I guess it's the way I cropped the second one because I couldn't get a good screen shot.

And now for February 29, Leap Day! I picked Sara Kate up from school and her buddy Remy (his mom calls Sara Kate his girlfriend) and best friend Grayson were still there. Sometimes I have my phone in my pocket and I'm so glad I did this day because Sara Kate received her first full on lip smacking kiss from Remy!! It was HILARIOUS!!! He grabbed her face and planted one! The picture is blurry, and I was kind of behind them, but I snapped fast! I still giggle when I see this. These kids are so cute with their little relationships they've formed at such a young age.
Speaking of relationships, Sara Kate and Grayson are the absolute BEST of friends and have been since they were like 6 months old! I love hearing stories of what they did together each day. It's the sweetest thing. Here's Sara Kate and Grayson on Leap Day. When we were leaving that day, Grayson came up and said 'hug' so I leaned down so the girls could hug. Then I stood up and she signed 'more' and said 'more hugs!' So sweet.
Hope everyone had a great February. On to March!

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