Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patrick's Day Weekend

Let me start by saying that I'm trying out a new program to make photo collages so we can show off pictures from the weekend. I feel like I always have tons of pictures that I want to share (because they're all so cute, ha!), but I feel like sometimes my posts get bogged down with pictures (which I'm sure the grandparents don't mind, ha!!). So I'm trying out Smilebox, and I made a couple photo collages for pictures from Saturday and Sunday. Chris took some awesome pictures of the Sara Kate, Hannah, and Hayden Saturday night and I tested my photo skills this afternoon with his big fancy camera. Of course, the quality won't be the best on these little collages since they get resized down when I save them so I may have to repost a full size one here and there at a later date. :-)

Now onto our weekend!

Our weekend was very low key, which was just lovely!! We have had WONDERFUL spring weather all weekend (and all week!) so we've spent plenty of time outside. It seems we have started a little Friday night tradition as of late. Chris has been having regular gig's on Friday nights...anybody need a musician?! :-) Sara Kate and I have been having regular Friday Face Time chats with my parents! She knows we get to video chat when I get the iPad out and she has an 'audience' to play, sing songs, read books, etc. And my parents are just content to sit and watch her do her thing. Saturday morning I slept in (lovely!!!), Chris played computer, and Sara Kate played in her bed for a long time. It just amazes me that she is so content to just sit there and hang out with her stuffed animals and books. And she uses her crib as her own personal trampoline, ha! When she got up, she went right to the pantry and picked out exactly what she wanted for breakfast, which was a Cheerios milk-n-cereal bar. She's becoming so opinionated and that just makes her seem like such a big girl.
Since it was St. Patrick's Day, we dressed in our green! Green zebra plus pink polka dots equals adorableness. :-) I'll go ahead and say that Sara Kate's dress came from 'I Live By Faith Boutique' on Facebook. A few weeks ago a dress like this in similar colors was posted, I asked if she could do green zebra print with pink polka dot trim, and she did for a great price. Even better is that she lives just down the road from us and even stopped by the house to drop off the dress. Now that's service! :-) Think I'm going to get her to make a cute little zebra and Razorback red dress for the fall! Go check out her page!
Anyway, we went and ran a few errands and came back to the house for nap time before heading to Meme and Poppa's for the night!
Jenny, Jason, and the kids were in town, and the wonderful spring weather lended itself perfectly to grilling and playing outdoors! Sara Kate and Hannah were back to being joined at the hip, with Sara Kate copying EVERYTHING Hannah did. Hayden is now walking and he did his best to keep up with the girls, even though he was a little under the weather. So here's collage #1, an outdoor photo shoot Chris took of the kids, plus a couple pictures from my iPhone. We had a great time at Meme and Poppa's and appreciate the invitation for dinner and hanging out with family.
Today we had a full day at church, came home for lunch and nap time, Chris mowed the back yard, we played outside while Chris smoked/grilled ribs for dinner (yum!!), and it's not pictured, but Sara Kate read and stacked almost all her books this evening (that child loves books!). Here's photo collage #2 of our Sunday with pictures from my iPhone and my attempt at photographing with the big no particular order, playing piano at church with daddy (during rehearsal time), sharing a donut with Poppa at church, playing outside, sharing Mac-n-Cheese with the dogs during lunch, watching daddy mow the yard through the window, and a post nap picture (which I thought was so cute because she was still so out of it). Oh, and this afternoon Sara Kate wore her first short set of the season. Too cute!
Hope everyone had a great St Patrick's Day and a great weekend!

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