Sunday, March 25, 2012

1st Easter Egg Hunt!

This weekend Sara Kate participated in her very first Easter egg hunt!! It was at our church, and we have been practicing this past week by 'hiding' plastic eggs in the living room and having her find them and put them in her basket. She was a pro right from the first time we tried it, and it was a fun game to play this week. They had the nursery age kids 'finding' eggs on the front lawn of the finding I mean picking them up because they were just scattered all over the place! But what do you expect with kids ages 18 month to 3 (mostly around the age of 2)! We got outside and what's the first thing Sara Kate wanted to do? Climb the steps!!! That girl is nuts about steps!
*Note, I was going to be 'that momma' who dressed my precious baby girl in an adorable spring smocked dress (because she has to be adorable wherever she goes and it was her FIRST Easter egg hunt) but I'm glad I didn't because sure enough, she got Cheetos down her front during lunch. Nice. :-)
We finally got her off the steps and onto the lawn with her friends and she did great!
And here's my FAVORITE picture of the day...she can be such a ham!!!
Here's our attempt at a family picture...Sara Kate wanted no part of that seeing as how we were sitting on the front steps!
And one more picture to share from our day, Sara Kate and her friend Clara who is 2 months older than her. It's so cute seeing her interact with her friends!
Easter is 2 weeks from today, and that means Sara Kate turns 2 in exactly 2 weeks! Eeeek!! :-)

The rest of our weekend was spent doing pretty low key stuff...playing, playing, and more playing!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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