Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elmo Party!

We had a very low key weekend. Chris had a gig to play Friday night so Sara Kate and I had a nice evening at home playing. Saturday we made a little trip to Berryville to see Jenny and Jason's new house! It's cute, and Hannah's pepto-pink bedroom is HUGE! Oddly enough, Hannah didn't really want anything to do with Sara Kate, but Sara Kate enjoyed playing with all of Hayden's toys. However, she did not like sharing them with him! Ha! We decided to have an impromptu dinner out, so a big thanks to Meme for watching Sara Kate for a couple hours. The big event of our weekend was attending Grayson's 2nd birthday party!! I mentioned in my last blog post that Sara Kate and Grayson are the best of friends. I saw Grayson's mom last week before I had a chance to call and RSVP and she asked if we were coming. I told her of course, and she said that all Grayson had been talking about was Sara Kate coming to her birthday. So cute. It was an ELMO birthday party, too!! Sara Kate is into all her Elmo books, and she'll watch bits and pieces of Sesame Street. My mom sent her this shirt (that has matching capri pants but it was too cool to wear them today) and she was so excited when I pulled it out of her closet to wear!
When we got there, Sara Kate got really shy but she warmed up quickly and went in and made herself right at home.
They played 'pin the nose on Elmo'...
Grayson opened her presents, which included lots of Elmo stuff! And Sara Kate did pretty good about staying out of the way...
The kids had snacks and cake...
Then we attempted to get a group pictures of the kids. That was quite funny and quite an adventure!
This one cracks me up...Grayson's like, I'm the princess and those are my minions!
Finally got all 4 and Chris and I crack up at how each kid is doing something different!
And here's the best shot!
We went outside and the kids played. Grayson has older siblings so they have a big trampoline. All the kids had a blast on that!
We had a great time at Grayson's party, and we look forward to inviting her to Sara Kate's party next month!


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    1. Thanks! My hubby was the photographer and has a pretty good eye!