Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hayden turns 1!

Our precious nephew, Hayden, also known as the Giant Man Baby, turned the big O-N-E year old today. One year ago, we traveled to Harrison with our almost-1-year old to meet the new addition to our family. Sara Kate was teething or something and was a little fussy and super clingy to mommy that night so she certainly didn't want me to have anything to do with the new little, er, big guy (well over 8 lbs at birth!!).
But a year later, she's slightly more tolerant of me holding him (and I mean slightly!). If I am holding him, she wants to be held also. If he is in Meme's lap, she wants to be in Meme's lap too. Unless she is preoccupied with her most favorite cousin ever, Hannah, then she's fine with us messing with him. Also, she will give him hugs and kisses when we tell her to. I can only imagine one day she will say 'I can do that because I'm older than you,' but on March 31-April 7 he can say 'No you're not older than me, we're the same age.' :-)
So happy 1st birthday to sweet Hayden...the most laid back and serious baby ever (minus Sara Kate's friend baby Landry who is also about to celebrate her 1st birthday and is equally serious all the time). Your Uncle Chris and Aunt Kristen are so happy to be around so we can watch you grow up!! Happy 1st buddy!
Best picture EVER!!! HAHA!!!!! This is how old I am! Or this is what I think of all your stupid camera's! Ha!
And this one is just funny...Chris snapped all the crazy family members with the cell phones watching him with his cake. This picture would include his mother, his Aunt Kristen, his Aunt Emily, his Amaw (Jason's mom), cousin Tinley (they're 1 week apart), and his great grandpa.
And the best present ever (at least it was obvious he thought so!!)! Unfortunately, Chris and I didn't have the thought to get him something cool like that...we got him clothes (albeit cute clothes!) like his mother said he needed!! :-)
And I can't leave out the girls, Sara Kate and Hannah, because of course, they're too precious for words when they're together!!!

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