Monday, April 2, 2012

Project 365 - March

Here are my calendars for March's pic-a-day, Project 365. Here is January and here is February if anyone has any desire to look back. As usual, picture one is days 1-16 and picture two is days 17-31. As a side note, I have decided this is a crappy way to display these pictures. I love the blogs that display them weekly, and that has the potential to be so easy. I mean, I usually try to blog on Sunday's anyways! But I'm sure I'd forget at some point and get behind. Oh well. Here's what I took pictures of in the month of March.

1 - daddy and Sara Kate getting ready for bed
2 - sweet baby sleeping on her mama
3 - chillin' in her car seat on the way to Berryville to visit Hannah and Hayden
4 - attending best friend Grayson's 2nd birthday party!
5 - brushing her hair before school
6 - playing outside on a nice day...'talking' to the dogs through the fence
7 - first time to wear a big girl bow!
8 - brushing her own teeth like a big girl
9 - time for bed but she wanted a bow
10 - dressed up pretty for her friend Emma's 1st birthday!
11 - organizing her bath toys
12 - playing at the park with mommy
13 - smiley girl after was school picture day and they fixed her hair on top of her head!
14 - playing in the rocking chair in the nursery at church
15 - reading books before bedtime
16 - picture time before school, wearing one of cousin Hannah's shirts we borrowed
17 - playing in Meme and Poppa's back yard
18 - sharing a donut with Poppa at church
19 - daddy's first day of spring break!
20 - practicing looking for Easter eggs
21 - 'cheese' before leaving for school
22 - waiting patiently for breakfast
23 - first trip to a farm (I still need to blog about this)
24 - first Easter egg hunt!
25 - playing Play-Doh at her table
26 - she was a sunscreen, chili wearing mess when I picked her up from school!!
27 - eating a snack after school outside
28 - 'pose' before school
29 - pretty smiles before school
30 - kisses for mommy before leaving for school
31 - swinging on cousins Hannah and Hayden's new swing set!

In other news, it's Sara Kate's birthday week!!! I still have a few party prep things to do, which includes a trip to Hobby Lobby, printing some pictures, and finishing up a project or 2. We have to pick up the cake Saturday morning, and the big present has to be built!! :-) Believe me, that will be documented for the blog!

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