Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This week seems to be dragging a little bit.  Yesterday was Tuesday but it felt like it should be Wednesday and today it's finally Wednesday but it seems like it should be Thursday.  I'll be glad when it's finally Friday!  I still need to post about how I made Sara Kate's birthday banner and a couple other things I made for her birthday, but I today I thought I would quickly post a little look into our day.

Of course it's a school day but a certain little missy was not ready to wake up this morning!
When she finally did, I got her dressed and out the door we went, but not before a little 'cheese' with Daddy!
I stayed late at work today so we were later getting home but luckily dinner was in the crock pot so everything was when we got home!  Sara Kate has been eating alot of finger foods lately (lots of fruit, crackers, grilled items like hamburger and chicken) so it seems likeshe hasn't really had to use a spoon recently.  I'm sure she has I just haven't paid that much attention.  Well, she ate her soup like a champ and she's doing so well using her spoon!!  I thought I'd video it and share it.
After dinner it was play time!!!  But first Sara Kate couldn't find her 'umpa' (paci, and it was on the table).  I was telling her she didn't need it right then because she's a big girl but she was throwing a giant fit.  When she gets mad she will swipe at me but this time she went to her little table and took out her frustration, picking up one thing at a time and throwing it.  Then she pushed the chairs over.  Then in her final act of frustration, she moved the table, ha!  
I caved and gave it to her.  
Ya'll, I think she's more dependent on that stupid thing now than she was a month ago!  I said that 2 was the magic age to cut it but now I don't know how to take it away!!  HELP!!  If anyone reading this has any suggestions, please share!!  

Anyway, when that tantrum was over and since the table was moved away from the wall, I thought I should vacuum.  Another tantrum started because Sara Kate is TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner!!!!  I mean scream, cry, hide, all while saying 'no-no' and 'help me.'  She is so afraid of it which is kind of funny because she used to love to 'help' by carrying the cord around.  Not anymore!  I'm a mean mommy and took her picture while she was upset.
But all became right with the world when the vacuum went back to it's scary closet and we went outside to play!  Swing and bubbles are the two things she wanted to do.  That girl would swing all night long, she loves it so much.
However, when it was time to come inside, ANOTHER tantrum started because she did NOT want to go inside!!  I think she would live outside if we would let her.  She did NOT want to come inside and she NOT want to take a bath.  But if she had to take a bath, she did NOT want to do it without her umpa.  That time I did not cave, although it meant blood curling screaming the entire bath time...'help me, help me, umpa umpa.'  She finally calmed down when she was ready to get out and brush her teeth.  But more crying started when I wouldn't let her have a bow in her hair for bed time.  I know, mean mommy.  But all is right with the world now, asleep with her umpa and her 2 Elmo's.
So there's a little look at our Wednesday.  It sounds kinda miserable with all the screaming fits I mentioned but it wasn't that bad.  I just need to get rid of that dang 'umpa!' :-)  Happy mid-week everyone!

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  1. Have you tried gathering them all up and giving them to a baby? I have heard of people doing that. Then the child feels like someone else needs them and there is a reason to give it up. I don't know, though...there isn't much reasoning you can do with them at this age! (Or any age?! :-))