Sunday, April 8, 2012

24 Months!!

Sara Kate, on this Easter Sunday you are 24 months old!! Our big girl is TWO years old!! What have you been up to?
- You had your first parent teacher conference at school and we learned what kind of things you are learning at school every day! You are learning your ABC's, how to count from 1-10 in English and Spanish, you are learning your colors and shapes, you work on tracing letters and numbers, you are learning your full name and the full name of mommy and daddy...there were several other things on the learning assessment page that I can't remember, but your teachers assure us that you are doing great and are just a really happy kid. We are always so happy to hear that you're learning and thriving! You get dropped off at school around 7:30 and you get picked up between 5-5:30. You do great with your eating and napping at school, and you don't use your paci at all when you're at school!
- Most days you love to eat but you aren't very adventurous when it comes to trying new things. You eat what we give you but sometimes you want what's on mommy's plate instead of your own (even though it's the same thing). You have started liking meat lately, you especially like chicken and sausage. You don't like many vegetables but you LOVE beans and corn. You love fruit, especially grapes and banana's. You like strawberries too. Some of your other favorite foods include apple sauce, yogurt, Poptarts, Fruit & Grain bars, eggs, pizza, speghetti, and grilled cheese sandwiches. You love to have a snack. too. You get home from school and go to the Tupperware drawer and ask for a 'bowl' and then say 'snack' and 'drink.' You also like to have a snack anytime we're out shopping, if you're in your stroller or riding in a cart.
- As of a month ago, you are going to bed all by yourself! I no longer rock you to sleep and we put you to bed like a big girl (and I do miss our sweet cuddle time)! The first week you would cry for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then you would lay down and go to sleep. Now we say 'night night,' give lots of hugs and kisses, and lay you down. You always want a blanket and sometimes want your duck or doggy. You sleep perfectly all night long and wake up so happy in the mornings! You are so content to hang out in your crib for a while in the mornings or after nap.
- You have 4 top teeth, 4 bottom teeth, all 4 of your 2-year molars, your top 2 I-teeth are coming in, and the bottom left I-tooth has broken the skin. Your drooling has been a little worse lately with those I-teeth, and you've had a pretty bad drool rash that comes and goes. We love seeing all those teeth when you smile big at us!!
- You LOVE outside!! You like to walk around in the yard, you like to walk around the block, and you absolutely love the park!!
- Some of your favorite things include: books (You LOVE books!!), blocks, bubbles, any ball (you like to say my ball!), being outside, you love animals, you love to eat, you love Elmo, you love your best friend Grayson, you love your cousin Hannah, you like getting on the iPad and having Face Time with Gran & Pop(pa), you love putting a bow in your hair (and you say my bow!), you love to jump, you love to climb stairs and furniture (and sometimes you jump on the furniture which is a no-no!), you love coloring and sitting at your little table, you love to be silly (and you can be SO silly!!), and you absolutely LOVE music (we hear you singing songs all the time, like 'Twinkle Twinkle,' 'Itsy Bitsy Spider,' 'ABC's,' 'Elmo's Song,' and 'Were You Sleeping').
- You are a big helper and really like helping us do things around the house, like laundry and unloading the dishwasher. You like to help in the grocery store by putting food into the cart or handing it to the attendant.
- You are very into doing things yourself. You want to eat by yourself, you want to pick out your jammies and get dressed yourself, you want to put your shoes on by yourself, you want to pick out your cup, bowl, and spoon, you want to pick out your own snack by yourself, you want to pick out a book to read yourself, and you want to brush your teeth yourself.
- You are talking so much! I won't list all the words you say because you say about anything we ask you to say. Last night, I even got you to say the prayer for dinner by repeating me word by word. Of course, you still have your own 2-year old way of saying things, like cat is ca, car is ca, snack is sna, drink is dwi, bowl is don't put endings on most of your words. You can say simple 3 word sentences like, 'Where's my ball' or 'help me please.' You call your paci your 'umpa.' Not sure how you got that one! Daddy recently recorded a video of you 'reading' Green Eggs & Ham to yourself. It was precious hearing you say certain words that you know from the book, and what words go with what page.
- On occasion you will throw a tantrum over something not going your way, like the other morning you just did not want to get dressed. If you get upset at home, you will hit, and that gets you put in time out. If you do something that you aren't supposed to do that also gets you in time out. But for the most part you are so happy and so loving and sweet. A lady at church recently said that she thinks you are the happiest baby she's ever seen, just content with everything.
- You are wearing size 24 month clothes, although size 24 month shorts, pants, and bloomers are too big. You can wear a size 2T t-shirt for length in the torso. You can still wear size 18 month dresses, although your spring clothes are 24 month so that's mostly what you're wearing. I have pulled out size 12 month dresses from last summer and you can wear them as a top! You are wearing size 18 month and 24 month jammies.
- You wear size 4 diaper.
- You wear size 5 shoes.
- Sweet, sweet Sara Kate, we cannot believe our precious baby girl is 2! At times you still seem like my little baby, but more and more you seem like such a big girl. You are so beautiful and so sweet. You love your family and friends and are always giving hugs and kisses. We love seeing your personality develop, and even though there might be some trying days ahead with the 'terribles,' we love you so much and can't imagine having a more precious and perfect baby girl in our lives. Years 1 and 2 have flown by (slow down time!!) but of course we can't wait to see what the next year holds for you. Mommy and daddy love you SOOOO much!

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