Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a double blessing in the Michaels household. As you know, our precious baby girl turned 2, but also, it's the day that our Savior was risen from the grave! Hallelujah! We went to church (and had an amazing service!!), and then came home to see what the Easter bunny brought Sara Kate! When we were kids our parents told us the Easter bunny wasn't like Santa Claus and couldn't come in the house so he would always leave our baskets in the garage. Interesting how he could get into the garage (which was closed) but not the house...things that make you go hmmm... :-) Anyway. Since apparently the Easter bunny can't come in the house, he left Sara Kate's basket outside the front door. My grandmother sent Sara Kate the Easter book (it was my cousin Sara's) so I thought I'd stick it with her basket. The Easter basket she's using was mine, and I got my mom to make a new bow to put on it.
She was so excited to see her loot!
Uncle Phil and Aunt Holly also brought her a basket of goodies!
Her Gran and Pop(pa) brought her a bag of Easter goodies, too! What a lucky little girl!
After she opened all her baskets, she went egg hunting for the eggs we dyed the night before! She did great finding them all and even wanted to do it again!
The last thing we did before lunch and before my parents had to leave was take some family pictures, which is VERY important to me. I love seeing Sara Kate with my brother, with my parents, and of course, with us.
I love this picture so much...and I love the picture above of the 3 of us. Who am I kidding, I love all the pictures we took this day!
We had a wonderful Easter, and like I said in Sara Kate's birthday post, I was so glad that my parents and brother and sister-in-law were here to celebrate the entire weekend with us!

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