Monday, April 16, 2012

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I know Easter was a week ago but I still need to finish up posting about our Easter. I wasn't sure if we should dye Easter eggs this year, knowing it would be messy with Sara Kate and not knowing how she would do with the real eggs. But my mom said we should so that's what we did on Easter Eve after Sara Kate's party. We undressed her and got all the dye cups set up (we had boiled eggs earlier in the day).
Waiting patiently while we set up...
Letting her check one out...
But then she thought it was for her to eat...she loves eggs!! I got it away before any damage was done. :-)
My mom has a friend (who is actually the mother of a friend of mine), and her youngest daughter sent her this article about putting the eggs in a whisk and it's easy for little kids to dye eggs themselves. So we tried it out and it was a giant FAIL with our set up. It's a great concept but it just didn't work with all the cups we, how in the heck do you get the egg out while it's wet?!?
Anyway, we moved on to other methods...give Sara Kate the egg and trying to teach her to drop it GENTLY into the cup. Teaching a 2 year old what GENTLY means doesn't work very well but she had fun and Chris got some cool pictures! :-)
We forgot to take a picture of the final results (they weren't pretty) but the Easter bunny did hide the real eggs we dyed the next day for her to find. And I'm glad we decided to dye eggs this year...I'm pretty sure Sara Kate had fun (she kept asking for another egg and another cup of dye) and it's a fun memory for us to make!

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