Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the BIG present!

I mentioned before that Sara Kate got a BIG present for her birthday but I never said what it was. Any guesses? Anyone? :-) She got a swing set!!!! We didn't buy anything massive but we bought a cute little wooden set that will last her and her cousins and friends for a while. All the reviews on it were great but all the negative comments had to do with how hard it was to put together. We had Chris, my dad, my brother, and Chris' dad here to build it Saturday morning, and brother in law Jason showed up eventually. My dad had scoped out the directions on Friday and he said 'only 19 easy phases!' I said, 'oh, 19 steps? That's not bad.' He said, 'oh no, not steps, 19 PHASES.' HA!! But with all the help, they had it together in 4.5 hours or so, by around 1:00 in the afternoon. I took several pictures of the build but I won't bore you with those and instead made a collage of the build.
Here's a picture of the whole thing. Like I said, nothing fancy but it's cute and Sara Kate is already having tons of fun with it. It has 2 big swings but since we still need a baby swing (thank you my co-worker for letting me borrow the baby swing!), we opted to put up 1 swing, the baby swing, and the trapeze bar.
Here are some pictures of Sara Kate on her new swing set! When she went out and saw it, she looked at it and said, 'oh wow.' The look on her face was absolutely precious!!!
The first thing she wanted to do yesterday when she got home from school was go 'oudide' to play.
She can also see it from the window in her room and every time she looks out and sees it she says, 'oh wow.' I love that she loves her gift and I know we'll have lots of fun with it for years to come. Another big thanks to all the guys who helped build it!

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