Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project 365 - January

I mentioned earlier in the month that I was doing the Project 365, which is a picture a day. And I mentioned my days are about Sara Kate, therefore, my pictures are following Sara Kate grow. Some other blogs I follow post weekly updates, which is really cool, but between working full time, taking care of my busy 21 month old, and attempting to keep my house in some sort of order, I'm afraid I would never keep it up weekly. But I did manage to take a screen shot of my calendar app to post for the month, and I feel that I am much more likely to post these monthly, although I don't feel that this is the ideal way to show off these pictures. Oh well. I couldn't get the entire calendar in one shot so the first picture is days 1-16 and the second picture is days 17-31. I'll do a little narration of what I took pictures of in the month of January.

1 - playing outside Meme and Poppa's storage bin
2 - crazy hair right after waking up
3 - first day of school in 2012
4 - reading 'Green Eggs and Ham'
5 - sleeping in the car on the way to Pennsylvania
6 - not feeling well and snuggling with mommy
7 - all bundled up because it was really cold our last night in Pennsylvania
8 - a stop by Lake Erie on the way back from Pennsylvania
9 - playing on cousin Hannah's slide in Berryville
10 - having fun eating chili with her hands
11 - just finished eating spaghetti with her hands
12 - just woke up and ready for school...that's her 'mom, don't take my picture' face
13 - silly face before school
14 - snacking on Ritz crackers...all day long!!
15 - 'riding' her dog, Cora
16 - swinging at the park on a nice warm day
17 - first busted lip
18 - eating yogurt with her hands
19 - kisses for daddy
20 - happy girl ready for school
21 - watching 'Momo' (Elmo) on Saturday morning
22 - a walk around the neighborhood on a nice afternoon
23 - eating her Poptart before school
24 - ketchup face at Chick-Fil-A (she learned how to dip her chicken in ketchup)
25 - 'playing' drums at church
26 - brushing her teeth by herself
27 - snack time
28 - woke up from a nap in a super happy mood!
29 - shopping trip to Target with mommy
30 - playing with the basketball outside on a nice afternoon
31 - sitting like a big girl in the chair eating a snack while mommy fixed dinner

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