Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our weekend in iPhone photo's

Chris and I decided not to get each other Christmas presents this year because we were going to save up and get the new iPhone 4s. We've had our iPhone 3's for almost 2 and a half years, and while it's been a good phone, mine was starting to crack out. Chris has been checking around town and they haven't been in stock until recently. I had said no I didn't need a new one (despite the cracking out) just because of the cost, but I woke up Thursday morning to a surprise on my nightstand! A new iPhone! A big reason he got it was I am constantly using my phone for pictures and I almost always have it by my side, and the new 4s has a really great camera on it. And my phone was cracking out. And he thought Siri was cool. But see a trend with the cracking out? I didn't have much time to mess with it Thursday, but I've been taking pictures with it all weekend. Chris has been sick this weekend so Sara Kate and I have spent lots of time together. We haven't even left the house except for going to the grocery store and to church. She's been lots of fun, and we have had lots of good play time. So without further ado, here's our weekend in iPhone pictures.

Time for school...very stoic to start the day...actually, this is her 'mom, I don't want you to take my picture' face!
Dinner time! She decided she wanted to eat all my tomato soup. And she decided she wanted to drop whole crackers into the container. Nice.
After dinner play time...the animals go well on top of the manger, don't you think?
Breakfast! Of course, by herself.
Time to change clothes! While eating a snack (which she did all day long! Growth spurt?).
We managed to rouse daddy for a few minutes to do her 21 month photo shoot (a few days late).
Sticker off, overalls on...and more snack. The kid ate like half a roll of Ritz!
Time to go grocery shopping. With more snack.
Dinner time! All by herself. Of course.
Time for church!
After nap play time...coloring while Cora supervises.
And end of the day play time...time to ride her dog! I was folding her laundry and she climbed on like this all by herself and said 'ta-da!' Sweet Cora just laid there and took it.
And that's a little look at our weekend. Like I said, we had a whole lot of play time and a whole lot of nothing else! I have tomorrow off, but I'm so behind at work and Sara Kate's school is open so I'm going to drop her off and head to Bentonville to try and catch up.

On another note, I'm doing Project 365, which essentially is a picture a day...this is where the new iPhone camera (really, just the camera in general) comes in super handy! There is an iPhone app that makes it really easy to click on the day of the month, go to your photos, and add in a picture. It's neat to have basically a whole years worth of photo's all in one place. And since my days are all about Sara Kate, my Project 365 is pretty much all's neat to see how she changes from day to day, from month to month, by just scrolling through. Go check it out!

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