Friday, January 27, 2012

Talking Up a Storm!

Sara Kate's talking has really picked up lately. Not that I've been concerned about her talking or lack of saying alot of words, but I remember my niece saying many more words by this age and I read other blogs and for example, my friend's daughter is 5 months younger and has a vocabulary of 50+ words. But over the past couple of weeks, Sara Kate seems to be picking up many more words, and she's repeating everything we say. Chris has been trying to teach her to say 'I love you.' He starts with 'I' and she says 'I' and points to her eye, and then he says 'love,' and she immediately says 'dada!' It's very cute, and she will do that over and over again. If you ask her if she loves mama she nods her head or she will say 'mama!' Tonight she was sitting in my lap and I started saying 'I love you' and she started repeating me! Of course, it still has quite a bit of baby jumble in it but I knew what she was saying and she knew she was repeating me and that made her happy. I tried videoing it with my phone but she started acting silly and wouldn't repeat it. You can hear it towards the end of the video, maybe around the 23-24 second point. I did however record a really good audio clip with my phone, but of course blogger won't let you upload audio clips. But my super awesome tech savy husband just transferred the clip into iMovie and got it to work so it's a video with no picture, just sound. And when I say 'really good audio clip,' keep in mind that I am talking about baby talk so you can use those terms lightly. :-)

In other talking/trying to video her talking news, the other night she was drinking apple juice. Chris asked her what she was drinking and she repeated 'apple juice,' and once again we knew and she knew what she was saying. She repeated it over and over again, but of course when I grabbed my phone to record all she wanted to do was act silly and eat her french fry (we had a special mid-week treat from Chick-Fil-A!). Maybe you can hear it at some point towards the end of the video, I have no idea when. Or maybe you can just observe the silliness that we see daily!

Sara Kate repeats me when I say 'one more,' as in 'one more Hershey Kiss for dessert.' Then of course she walks around saying 'one more, one more.' In the mornings when we leave for school, I say 'good girl' when she gets in her car seat and is patient waiting for her Poptart, and she likes to repeat me. She knows I'm talking about her when I say that and it makes her happy. She can say her teacher's name, Tasha, for Natasha. When I picked her up the other day she gave a boy a hug (who wasn't Remy, ha!) and I asked who it was and she said 'Boston' clear as day (yes, that's his name). She's repeating her letters when we say the ABC's and she repeats me when we count 1-10 (and she can actually say 8, 9, and 10 very well!). Believe me, there's still a plenty of jibble jabble talk that we can't understand which can still get frustrating but we sure are hearing her say much more, and that's exciting!

Here's one talking story that absolutely cracks me day last week when I picked her up from school, her teacher told me how she did so great that day and she didn't need the paci at all (they really work on weaning them in her new class). BUT they ended up having to give her her paci at nap time because she was being such a jabber mouth and wouldn't quit talking to the kid next to her. They had to give her the paci so she would shut up and let the other kids sleep! HAHAHA!! My parents say they have NO idea where she gets that from! :-)


  1. Go Sara Kate!! And yes (I'm assuming I'm the blog friend) Mary Doran says a lot of words but she also has zero sense and spends most days climbing the furniture and diving head-first off of it. Kids! :)

    1. Yep Tara, you're the blog friend with the chatter box 16 month old! :-) And actually, you're a real life friend who just happens to have a blog. And boy do I love reading the antics of that 16 month old!