Sunday, January 29, 2012

Supposed to be Napping

I'll start this blog by saying usually, Sara Kate is great about going down for naps and the same can be said for going to can gauge where I'm going with this based on that statement and the title of this post. :-) Last night Chris' mom kept her while we went to a concert on Dickson Street. I LOVE me some Pat Green!!!! My friend Matt took me to my first concert when I was in grad school and I've been hooked ever since. I have only missed one of his shows since then and I think it was when I was pregnant.
A BIG thanks to Meme for keeping Sara Kate so we could go, but apparently she didn't sleep very well. We dropped her off after we ate dinner so she had play time and bath time at Meme's. She must have been wound up because she didn't want to go to sleep. Then an hour after she was asleep, she woke up wanting to play more. So Sharon just put her in bed with her and they slept together. She woke up once during the night upset but Sharon calmed her back to sleep. Not a good nights sleep usually means easy nap time! She was in such a good mood when they got to church, and she did great when I dropped her off in the nursery. After church, we went grocery shopping and it was evident she was tired because she just wanted her daddy to carry her around the store. We got home, unpacked the groceries, and fixed lunch. Can you hear 'apple juice' in the video?

When we finished eating, she was very tired (as she was perfectly content to just sit in her high chair!) but I did not seize the moment, as I was quickly trying to get some soup in the crock pot for dinner. I looked back at one point and her eyes were closed...they had probably just been closed for only like a minute! Chris got her changed real quick and I went in to put her down. But did she want to go down?? NNNNOOOO!!!! Of course not!

She wanted to do a little of this....

(please excuse the status of her's a mess at the moment!)
And a little of this...
Which quickly turned into this when the block tower fell and I said it was time for nap...
She fought me really bad but eventually caved...
Only an hour and a half after we initially said it was time for nap!!!

Hope she gets a good one in as Chris is busy all afternoon and she and I have to make a Target run later! :-)

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