Friday, January 20, 2012

Some Things This Week

This has been a long and busy week, and I sure am glad it's Friday!! I should be in bed (stayed up way too late last night not being able to sleep thinking about Sara Kate's birthday that's still 3 months away! Silly mommy!), but I wanted to make note of some things that happened this week.
First, I'll start with the bad.
Sara Kate got her first busted lip Wednesday night. She's so silly, and she likes to spin in circles and make herself dizzy. She thinks it's HILARIOUS!! Well, she was doing this and I told her to be careful not to fall and hurt herself. The other thing she likes to do is throw this little pink blanket over her head and pretend she's a ghost and we play the 'Where's Sara Kate?' game. Well, she combined those 2 things and somehow managed to fall and bust her lip. We aren't even sure how it happened since we couldn't see her face and at first we thought she was laughing. Nope! And then we saw blood. We had a minor freakout, wanting to make sure her teeth were still in her mouth, and of course, she wouldn't let us get close to her mouth the rest of the night. Poor girl. But she bounced back like a champ!

Now for some good!

We had some beautiful, albeit VERY windy weather on Monday before a cold front pushed in. The wind had subsided by the time I left work so I decided to take Sara Kate to the park to play on the way home. She got SO excited as soon as we pulled in and she saw what we were about to do! It was adorable. We went to the swings first, then to the slide/playground area, then back to the swings, then back to the slide/playground. She was getting upset about leaving until I told her it was time to go see dada, and then she got really excited.
I posted this picture on Facebook and I got several comments about how big she's looking. I'll agree, she does look so big in this picture, but I also think it doesn't exactly look like her for some reason. But I love the look on her sweet little face, just taking everything in.
Another big thing that happened this week (not really big but a thing) is that Sara Kate has decided she likes to hold the fork/spoon during dinner, but it's much more fun to eat with her hands. Every night.
This is especially fun since she has been wanting yogurt every night (she's not getting it for breakfast any more during the week)...and she wants to eat it with her hands!!!!!! While holding a spoon!! Please tell me, what kind of sense does this make and when will she grow out of wanting to eat everything with her hands?? :-)
One thing I want to remember (no pictures to accompany this little gem) is that Sara Kate knows who Elmo is!! Several of her books she got for Christmas that play music are Elmo books, and my mom got her an Elmo Valentine's book last Valentine's Day. Well, we were reading the Valentine's book a few nights ago, and I pointed to Elmo and said 'who is that?' She said 'Mo-Mo.' What?? Over and over again, every time I pointed to him, 'Mo-Mo,' 'Mo-Mo.' My baby is so stinkin' adorable and so smart! :-) Now, when I point to Big Bird and ask her who that is she still says 'Duck, quack quack!' Elmo has a name, but Big Bird doesn't. Ha!

Sara Kate's hair seems to be growing so much right now. It's getting long in the back (think long mullet, ha!) and it's getting long on top. You can see in several pictures from the week, I've forgone the headband/bow combo in favor of the little bow with her top hair swept off to the side. She likes those little bows by the way, and even got mad one night when I took it out before she was ready for it to come out! Miss Opinionated! Anyway, this hair growth (which I absolutely love!!) is causing some SERIOUS bed head in the mornings. Actually, it just cracks me up to see what the state of her hair will be in the mornings. Note the big poof that you can see over the bow and the sides sticking out. And all that was after I tried to comb it. Nice.
I'll end this post with my most favorite memory from the week and one I'll always remember because I caught it in a photo. Thursday night we were all playing in Sara Kate's room. Chris was laying on the floor (still recovering from tonsillitis), I was sitting in the chair, and Sara Kate was throwing her ball around and being silly. She came up to me and I told her to 'go give daddy kisses.' So she did. Sweetest thing ever.
Hope everyone had a great week and has a happy weekend!

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