Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Surprise Weekend!

I know I'm a few days late posting about my super fun weekend, but I'm going to go ahead and post about it anyways! My college friends are awesome but they are scattered all over the place. My bestie lives in Savannah, my college roomie lives in Memphis, and my good friends Becca and Tara live in Greenwood, MS, and Atlanta, respectively. Greenwood, MS, was the site of our summer get together, and we don't have another get together planned until sometime this summer. BUT Becca had the wonderful idea to go to Memphis and surprise Vanessa for her birthday, which was January 31. I couldn't do it the weekend before but we could all make it the weekend after, which was this past weekend...amazing!! So many many secret emails later, we had a up one at a time Friday night and surprise the crap out of her (we already knew she would be home and not out doing anything). But then Becca's daughter Bailey came down with the stomach bug so she was iffy. By Friday at 2:00, Tara and I were en route!! Tara got delayed an hour in Birmingham and I got delayed for 30 minutes east of Little Rock (stupid construction!!)...we actually managed to make it to Memphis at the same time!!! Awesome! We had a little reunion on the street, then went to the door and *ring*ring*ring*ring! We ducked down, Vanessa saw us, and it was amazing the look on her face! She was speechless! It was awesome! We stayed up late talking, except Tara who is pregnant (yay!) and was ready for's cool, she can play the pregnant card. :-)
Saturday morning, Bailey was better so Becca headed up. By lunchtime our group was together. So fun!
We went and ate at the biggest hole in the wall BBQ restaurant, but it was AMAZING!!! If you are ever in Memphis, go to the Cozy Corner. It's super shady looking, but it's right off the interstate and just down from the Pyramid and St. Jude. And did I mention that the food was amazing?!?!?! And apparently celebrities eat there. And a regular customer told us their cornish hen beat out the cornish hen at some famously fancy restaurant in New York City in a blind taste test. But we had ribs and wings...umm, remember when I said amazing?? :-)
The preg Tara still eating, ha!!
We went to the Peabody and saw the ducks. The male duck was being really mean and holding the female underwater. Mating? Don't know but Vanessa felt it was her duty to tell someone that the Mr. was being mean and so they shoo'ed him off of her. It was pretty bizarre.
We made some stops at a few other shops, along with Wal-Greens, which seems to be a trend.
We stayed up late talking and playing games, minus Tara who played the tired pregnancy card (once again, a-ok!!). Over all, we had a wonderful weekend and it was so great to have an impromptu reunion. It was great to see my girls, but I definitely missed my hubby and my favorite girl back here in Fayetteville!

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  1. I love your post! You should share the link w/ Tara and Vee. I'm not sure if they've seen this yet, I just saw it myself. Had such a great time and miss y'all already!