Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Thursday Night

Thought I would share our Thursday evening with you. Nothing fancy, just a normal night at home. I picked Sara Kate up from school and we were home by about 5:45. She was in such a good mood and immediately wanted to play. "Bubbles, bubbles!" she said. So I got the bubbles out, but she wanted to do it herself because at Meme's house there is a bubble container that she can do herself without spilling. Well, we don't have that here, which caused a slight melt down. But we worked out a way to play bubbles with her doing it and me blowing the bubbles and she just laughed and laughed!
Then it was "My ball, where's my ball?" Yep, she said that! I got her purple ball, and we played ball. She loves playing with any kind of ball. We bounce it around and toss it back and forth and she rolls around on it. At one point she grabbed her pink blanket and started playing peek-a-boo with her ball. It was so cute. And I just have to say, look how long her hair is getting! :-)
She read some books, and she sat on my legs while we read 'Green Eggs and Ham.'
Dinner time was extra messy tonight since it was chili and of course she had to do it herself! And she didn't want to use just one hand, it was a two hand night! But she wanted a napkin to wipe her hands with.

After dinner was a little more play time along with bath time, which she was ready to do early!
She's doing this funny thing where she will stand up and wipe her bottom. Cracked me up when she first did it last night!

After bath, she was ready to snuggle with mommy and go to sleep. A good night with my sweet girl!

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