Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Visit from Gran & Pop(pa)

This weekend my parents came up for a visit. Last time they saw Sara Kate was Christmas and the last time they were in Fayetteville was Thanksgiving. They got in after Sara Kate had gone to bed Friday night but they surprised her Saturday morning when she woke up!! She had big fun having them chase her around the living room and into the kitchen...the cabinets by the stove must have been 'home' because she would run around, go to the kitchen, make them stand on either side of her, then take off!
Breakfast was blueberry muffins and Sara Kate ate the middle out of her muffin but then decided to take her plate and sit on the floor. She cracks me up sometimes!
There was lots more play time, a little nap time (by little, I mean 30 minutes...guess that's better than nothing!), and then we headed to town to do a little shopping! We walked through the mall, went to Target to get Sara Kate her new potty(!!!), and went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to spend a few gift cards from Christmas. Something I want to remember and I WISH I had it on video was when we were in the mall, Sara Kate started singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.' She was literally singing the song, and she was singing it perfectly as loud as she could! It was adorable. :-) After all our running around and eating dinner, there was more play time even though she was exhausted! One of her favorite games right now is peek-a-boo with her little pink blanket. This morning she was putting the blanket on me and she said "Where's my mom?" before she put her head under the blanket. Then she just giggles.
Bath time was loads of fun...yep, I did her hair like that. Look how long it is?!? :-)
We started our day today with church (of course). She was so sweet cuddling this little frog lovey before we left. And her Chris' mom made her cute!!
Sara Kate stayed in big church for the whole service today. That's the first time she has done that in a long time! She did pretty good, and hopefully she didn't disrupt my mom and mother-in-law down at the other end of the pew. She got busy transferring offering cards from the pew to a Bible and that kept her occupied all during the sermon. And she likes to 'read' the Bible and Hymnal, also. I was proud of her. I did snap this picture of her during church. Love that little smile and crazy hair!
After church, we went to the grocery store, ate lunch, and had more play time. My parents had decided before Sara Kate was born to be called Gran and Pop. Chris' parents are Meme and Poppa. She can say Poppa and that's the only grandparent that has a name. This weekend she started calling my dad Poppa too. So I guess she is going to have 2 Poppa's, Poppa G (my dad) and Poppa M (Chris' dad)!
My parents brought up this little table and chair set. I remember my brother and I using it when we were little and I didn't know it, but my cousin Sara used it, my step cousin Lauren used it, my aunt Kellye used it, my aunt Michele used it, and my mom used it. And now Sara Kate gets to use it. When they picked it up from Alabama, they wrote everyone who had used it underneath and their birthdays. How special!
Mom and dad gave Sara Kate her Valentine's gift, some new books! One of them is an Elmo ABC's book and it sings at the back. She loves that part and went around humming the ABC song.
It was time for Gran and Pop(pa) to leave so we had to say goodbye, but not before a little picture time!
And this is what she REALLY thought about picture time with her Mama! Seriously, this child cracks me up!
Chris took this picture as Sara Kate was looking out the front door...I love it! Such a sweet face!
And the final outdoor pictures before they left...the first one melts my heart.
We had a lovely weekend visit and were so glad Sara Kate was able to spend some time with her grandparents. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

One other little tidbit, we are supposed to get our first winter storm of the season (can you believe it's mid-February and we haven't had any snow yet?!?). I am dying to have a snow day with Sara Kate to see what she thinks of the snow this year. Come on snow!!! But not just come on snow, but praying I don't have to go to work if we get the storm! I'll keep ya posted! :-)

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