Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Funnies

Sara Kate cracks me up. All.the.time. She's always doing silly things, but I got so tickled tonight because what she did was so funny, yet, it made her seem like such a big girl. I was running her bath a good bit later than normal because we had to stay by the TV to watch victory snatched from the hands of our Razorback basketball team by the stupid Ole Miss Carebears...ANYWAY. I was running her bath. I always ask her if she wants to go potty before bath, even though she's normally way too interested in seeing the bubbles in the bath. "Bubbles!! My bath!! Bubbles!!" Tonight before I said anything about the potty, she went to her room, grabbed a book, and climbed up on the big potty instead of her little one. Seriously, she cracks me up. And I thought it was ironic that she grabbed her 'University of Arkansas 101' book since we had just been watching the Hogs and practicing our Hog Call (which she really likes the 'Wooooo' part).
She was perfectly content sitting on the potty like a big girl reading her book, and when it was time to take the diaper off and get in the bath, oh my goodness, you would have thought I was harming that child. "My book! My book! My book!" Along with some serious screaming. You see, she gets a bath every night, but she ESPECIALLY had to have a bath tonight because she got spaghetti everywhere during dinner. She ate, she played with it, she dumped the bowl in her lap and on the floor while trying to 'drink' out of the bowl. It was in her hair, down her back, almost in her eye, under her fingernails, etc. In other words, must take a bath! I didn't get an 'after' picture, but I think this one was pre-dump.
I need to go check the washer because it's finished running, but I gotta imagine by the sheer amount of red sauce that was all over her front, back, bottom, sleeves, etc., this dress is becoming at-home-play-clothes. So that was our night. A spaghetti mess, watching basketball, and reading books. Good times.

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