Thursday, February 23, 2012


Northwest Arkansas has experienced some absolutely beautiful weather this week. I'm talking 60's and close to 70 for a high! In February! Sara Kate LOVES the outside (or didide as she calls it). At school they have spent plenty of time outside, including recess time and their gross motor skill activity the other day was walking around the building in a line. One afternoon recently, we even spent a little time at the park. Sara Kate had a wonderful time and knew exactly what we were getting ready to do when we drove up. She gets so excited about going to the park, it's very cute.
She even got brave and went down the big spiral slide by herself. She and another little boy did a good job taking turns.
This particular park has this train in the play area. She would go from car to car, sit on the bench, look out the 'windows,' and she even took a turn at the wheel 'driving' the train.
We had a great time at the park, like we always do, and a certain almost-two-year old didn't want to leave! But some kisses from mommy and chasing daddy helped us get to the car!
I've spent a good bit of time outside this week at work, trying to get caught up on some field work. Today was kind of crazy...let me tell you, or show you, what I saw!

An eagle (WOW!!)! Actually we saw several, but this one was pretty close and was flying really low to the ground, as he had just taken off from sitting on a pond bank. I always find it so fascinating whenever I get to see these big birds this time of year.
A camel (YEP, RANDOM!!).
And cows are nothing out of the ordinary for me to see, but this herd of calves were pretty cute and the intern I had with me wanted me to snap their pic because her phone died.
Along with seeing all kinds of crazy stuff (mainly, the camel in town but being so close to the eagle was pretty cool), we also got the truck stuck in the mud after crossing a creek. Seems like it's never a dull moment out on the farm!

Hope you have been experiencing some beautiful weather wherever it is you are!

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