Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

We woke up today to much less snow than was forcasted so unfortunately we got up and got ready for work. There were some local schools that closed but Chris thinks it was just anticipating what the day would bring since we were supposed to have winter weather all day. I dressed Sara Kate in her adorable snowman dress I got last year at the NWA Boutique Show (yep, size 12 months and it still fits) anticipating getting home and taking her pictures in the snow.
Of course the snow picked up on the drive in and it caused lots of travel problems. There were accidents all over the place, including before I even got to Sara Kate's school which caused me to lose alot of time even though I left a little early. I decided to take a lesser driven back highway instead of the interstate, which apparently was a parking lot because of accidents. After being in the car for almost an hour and a half (total, including the daycare drop off) and being about 10 minutes from Bentonville, I got a call saying my office was closing and to turn around and head home. What?!? This was near where I turned around...don't worry, there was no traffic and I was almost stopped to take the picture. This road was snow covered and there were slick spots but it wasn't awful...that didn't mean I wasn't a nervous wreck driving in winter weather conditions.
I debated on whether or not to pick up Sara Kate and bring her home but by the time I would have gotten there their 'learning time' would have been in full swing and they don't like interruptions during 9:00-2:00. I decided to run by Wal-Mart to get things for a little project and I would pick her up early to come home and play. When I left Wal-Mart the roads were slushy and when I got home, our house looked like this. I'd say we had gotten maybe an inch of snow at this point, with more supposedly coming, along with sleet and freezing rain.
My little project was to make Valentine treats for Sara Kate's classmates for tomorrow. They are having a little party and everything. Somehow I missed the class take home list of names 'in case you want to bring Valentines' so I did it this generic way. I made these little heart cookies...
Found these little printables at this website...
I put 2 cookies in little bags, tied them with ribbon, cut out the printables, wrote 'Love, Sara Kate' on the back, and tied it all up. Here's the finished product!
I kept looking out the front window and around noon some sleet and frozen rain started falling and it melted our snow. I'm pretty bummed and kicking myself about not getting Sara Kate this morning because now she won't get to play in the snow. So I guess I'll hope for another snow day sometime before spring comes. But I did get this project done, which would have been challenging with her running around (it was my first time to make anything like this so I was probably slower than normal), plus I got a jump on dinner plus I baked another treat. So it is what it is...the snow day that wasn't meant to be. At least I got a day off, right?? :-)
We went outside for a few minutes when Chris got home with Sara Kate and here are a couple pictures I took while she was running around in the muck. She just looked so stinkin' cute! Looks like it didn't even snow, so sad!

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