Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Hannah!

Yesterday, our precious niece Hannah turn 4 years old!! Can't believe that sweet girl is 4! Seems like yesterday she was a newborn...
But now's she's a big 4 year old!
She's into ALL things princess so that was the theme of her party. Chris had to be out of town for a school function so Sara Kate and I rode over to Berryville with Bob and Sharon. Sara Kate and Hannah love to see each other and they are able to interact more and more every time they are together. It's really adorable to see Sara Kate wanting to do EVERYTHING Hannah does, down to tapping her foot, climbing on the stool, drinking a juice box, sitting in a chair, etc.
Hannah got all kinds of fun stuff, princess clothes for her dolls, an Aerial doll that swims in the tub (which she had to go try out), books to help her learn her ABC's and 123's, a t-ball set and glove and balls, and from Chris, Sara Kate and I, she got a princess scooter!!
(She has on her swimsuit because she had to get in the tub to try out her Aerial swimming doll. She's silly!)After presents it was cake time! Sharon picked up the cake from our favorite local bakery, Rick's Bakery here in Fayetteville. I had to smell that cake sitting beside me the whole way to Berryville! :-)
We sang 'Happy Birthday' and then she kept singing 'happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me' was pretty cute. Sara Kate climbed on the stool and quickly wanted cake because Hannah had cake but also because the girl is like her mama and loves cake! Jenny cut her a piece and I was helping her with her fork. I looked away for one second to answer whether I wanted chocolate or vanilla and Sara Kate helped herself! It was like it was her own birthday all over again. She cracks me up.
Hayden even got in on the action to practice for his own first birthday, which is in a little over a month!
We had a great day celebrating with our favorite niece. Hannah, happy 4th birthday...we love you to pieces!

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