Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fixing Hair

I've mentioned it in Sara Kate's monthly blog posts before and it's obvious in some pictures, but my sweet girls hair is slowly growing. It's extremely blonde like her daddy's was when he was a baby, and it has a good bit of natural curl in it like her mama's does, especially in humidity.
When she was born, I couldn't wait to put big bows on headbands on her head and when I finally found some and started her 'collection,' she had a bow/headband on every chance I got. Picture time? Bow! Run to the store? Bow! Church? Bow! School? Bow! Even when she got to the age where she started pulling them off, I still kept putting them on because I was determined that my sweet girl was going to wear big bows! Shortly after Christmas, the headbands started looking a little funny because of the mullet that was growing in the back, and I switched to the little bows to pull the front hair back with (not that she has hair long enough to fall in her face, it's just a cute thing to do).
And she does really well keeping them in. She even wants a bow first thing in the morning and at bedtime! "Where's my bow?" is what she likes to say.
Sometimes her teachers fix her hair at school. Not exactly what I would do but she's content to let them and it is somewhat cute (but NOT cute on picture day, which happened recently...different story for a different day).
One night a couple weeks ago I had my hair in a pony tail and she wanted me to fix her hair like mommy's. So we went to the bathroom and I attempted it...and of course, we had to have the bow.
But last night was a first. Sara Kate wanted to 'fix' MOMMY's hair! My hair was in a pony tail and she pulled the band out and went to work! It was funny, adorable, and a little painful all at the same time. But she was so proud when she would get it 'fixed.' Sweet girl left a big knotty mess, but it was a cute little memory to make.

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