Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Project 365 - April

It's the first of the month so it's time to post my April 2012 pic-a-day calendars!  To look back, here's January, here's February, and here's March.  As usual, picture 1 is days 1-16 and picture 2 is days 17-30.  I think it's kind of crazy that we're already in the month of May!  Anyway, here's what I took pictures of in April.

1 - snuggle time with mommy
2 - happy girl eating her Pop-tart before school
3 - night-night time...I love peeking in on her and seeing her asleep
4 - first thing in the morning...she was NOT ready to get up this day!!!
5 - throwing a fit about getting dressed for school
6 - playing on the slide with Pop(pa) (my dad)
7 - eating birthday cake at her family party!!
8 - Happy 2nd birthday Sara Kate and Happy Easter!!
9 - playing on her new swing set after school
10 - eating corn on the cob like a big person
11 - after dinner when she dumped her bowl of spaghetti in her lap
12 - reading a book at the doctor's office while waiting for the doctor to come in at her 2 year well baby check up
13 - swinging with Elmo
14 - helping Meme sweep her back patio
15 - nap time at Meme's house and she fell asleep half on the couch and half off
16 - working one of her new puzzles she got for her birthday
17 - a rough morning getting ready for school
18 - trying pizza dipped in Ranch dressing for the first time (and we think she might have some kind of allergy to Ranch...she gets a rash around her mouth when she has it, which has been 2 times)
19 - feeding Elmo corn and beans at the dinner table
20 - feeding the dogs her chicken...she kept saying 'doggy bite'
21 - at Gulley Park with our local weather man Dan Skoff after her friends birthday party!!
22 - smiles while watching an Elmo video on tv
23 - smiles while playing at the park
24 - playing piano with daddy
25 - she was very upset because I was running the vacuum cleaner and she's terrified of it!
26 - learning a new trick, how to stick her head under the running water to rinse the shampoo out of her hair
27 - smiles before school, it was Wear Pink day!
28 - on her first boy-girl car date with Remy...haha!!  
29 - 'driving' daddy's car
 30 - up since 4 am, reading books and just wanting to play with mommy

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