Saturday, May 12, 2012

Relaxing Saturday

We have had a nice relaxing day of doing nothing around here!  That's not entirely true... 
Our morning started too early for a Saturday!  The one thing I'm not liking about Sara Kate not having her paci is once she's awake, she's ready to get up!  The dog started pacing around 6:30 and him pacing on the hardwood floor woke her up.  Chris got her up about 6:45 and let me lay in bed.  I dozed a little but not much and was pretty much awake by 7:30.  We lazed around the house all morning and it was great!  We cooked a breakfast of biscuits and eggs, played barrel of monkeys, read books, played blocks, played tickle monster, played chase the kid around the house until she squeals with delight, and basically, we played make a huge mess!!!  
Sara Kate went down for a nap and took a good one, and then we went and met Chris' family for an early Mothers Day dinner.  We went to Shogun, which we haven't been to in a LONG time and we certainly haven't been there with Sara Kate.  Dinner involved Chris and I, Jenny and Jason, Bob and Sharon, and Hannah, Hayden, and Sara Kate.  Sara Kate and Hannah were in the center of the table between me and Chris, and Sara Kate got so scared as soon as the chef lit the fire on the grill and the big fire ball shot into the air.  She didn't cry but she wanted to snuggle into me in my lap immediately, and she didn't get back in her seat until he was gone!  Dinner was wonderful, thanks again to Bob and Sharon for the wonderful treat.  After dinner, Chris had to go play a gig at a graduation party and we went to have some play time at Meme and Poppa's!!  I'll go ahead and say that I got an early Mothers Day present today from my sweet husband and daughter, and I had a wonderful time playing with it tonight.  I got a new camera!  It wasn't something I asked for, but I am ALWAYS taking pictures and am always trying to get Chris to 'get this shot' or 'edit that shot' (I actually need to share some stuff he's taken lately!).  He must have been getting tired of that, HA!!  I'M KIDDING!! :-)  Anyways, I tried my hand at it tonight and attempted to get some decent shots, and I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of some of the shots I got! 
 Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday and hope all you mama's have a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow!

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