Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sprinkler Fun!!

We're having some summer like weather up here in NWA so the other night I thought playing in the sprinkler was a fun way to spend our evening!  Chris had to perform at the Fayetteville High School graduation so it was just Sara Kate and I.  I went outside to check the status of our sprinkler and of course it was broken, so I decided to run down to my in-laws and borrow theirs.  Sara Kate gets SO excited about going to Meme and Poppa's and as soon as we got there she did NOT want to leave.  We didn't intend on crashing their evening but they didn't mind, thankfully.  So I left her there and ran back home to get my camera, Sara Kate's swim suit, an extra diaper and a change of clothes.  I couldn't wait to see if she liked it this year because last year she was very unsure about it...then again our sprinkler was broken and we had to rig it up with a screw so it didn't work right.  But anyway, I was just sure she would love it this year.  And I was right!!  She LOVED it and had SO much fun!  It was so precious to hear her little laugh as she ran back and forth through the water.  She played for a good 30 minutes, until the sun was setting and she was shaking because she was cold.  But she would have stayed out there all night.  The only way we got her in was to bribe her with a popsicle!  I borrowed that sprinkler head so we could have one at our house until we can remember to buy another one.  I'm sure we'll lots more fun sprinkler nights soon!

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