Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid Week Fun

We had a wonderful evening playing outside with Sara Kate tonight!  Chris has been really busy lately with end of year school stuff so it was fun to have us all at home to play.  Sara Kate loves outside and as soon as you mention going outside she starts getting so excited.  And then if you don't go out there right that minute she starts to fuss because she can't wait.  Usually we walk around (or try to keep her from running in the street) or play in the back on the swing set,  Tonight we played ball and chalk...we started with ball, then went to chalk, then went back to ball, then ended with chalk.  I, on the other hand, sat off to the side and observed and attempted to snap some cute pics with the new camera.  She was really into chalk tonight, and she was doing this funny thing where she was drawing lines all around her, like you would draw lines around the sun if you were drawing it.  They've been studying the color yellow this week at school and doing some sun art so maybe that's why she was doing it.  But she did it all the way down the driveway.  It was funny how methodical she was about it.
This is a shot Chris took so I can't take credit for it!
The new camera has some cool filters you can add into it.  I love the Instagram app on iPhone and use it all the time so adding the filters is like a big version of Instagram, yay!
  And here's the finished product (the whole driveway isn't pictured).  We have a beautifully decorated driveway now!
 As for the 'ball fun,' Sara Kate is really into kicking it right now (which her soccer playing uncle should LOVE this!), and she was having so much fun giving the ball to Chris and having him throw it up as high as she could.  I should have videoed the kicking because she's pretty good at it!
And I'll end with a cool filtered black and white shot.  So neat!
Happy mid week!!

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